Friday, July 10, 2015

blonde moment...

On Saturday, Melody gifted me two tickets to an art show.  VIP tickets to be exact.  There are events during the day and at night this evening and Saturday. I knew that that would not be an option but the show during the days would be available. 
I thought about going solo and reconsidered.  I have yoga friends, work friends and then other tangent friends.  Translation, people from Phoenix that now live here.  Libby recently returned to Santa Fe and I knew she had time on her hands.  I text her that I had a plan to attend an art show and to meet me downtown at the convention center as the show was from 11-6.  We could meet at the show and go to lunch somewhere on the plaza afterwards. 
Everything started off decent.  We had a time to meet and I knew that I could safely park my car without having to worry about a meter or ticket.  The one benefit of working at a downtown restaurant.  Parking that is off-street and safe.  I walked up to the convention center and met Libby.  We entered the building and it appeared lifeless.  I thought it would be bursting with energy and people.  I looked at the VIP ticket to see where the show was being held within the center.  The date said, 7/10, show 11-6.  I completely overlooked the fact that the art show started Thursday night not Thursday day.   Awesome!  No wonder the building was not overflowing with people. 
Libby was very cool about it.  Instead of freaking out she insisted we find a lunch spot.  I felt like a moron as had I just read the card, I would have known that the art show was available during Friday day.  Unfortunately, I work the next two days, both jobs, and so I will not have time to check out the art show.  There is a possibility that Sunday I can squeeze it in after yoga and before my night shift.  Libby has plans to attend the festival at some point that day with her brother and sister-in-law.  I might be able to meet up with her and see the show.  I am all in for VIP treatment especially after my blonde moment.  Libby also had one.  She almost met me on the southside as she thought that is what I had said was the location of the art show was.  That would have been funny. 
Lunch was lovely.  Although I do understand how some of the tourists are not ecstatic about the quality of service.  Busy restaurant with lackluster service.  Our server forgot about us for about 10 minutes and then ordered the wrong food.  I do know that both of these things can happen (I've done it, accidentally, too).  Yet, I hope that my recovery is better.  I hope that I am able to make the guest feel welcome, wanted and wanting to return for another amazing food experience.  I did not feel this way after our meal.  I felt our guy was overwhelmed.
I am off to spin to feel semi-healthy today.  It is going to be a long day!

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