Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy 2016 and first trip

First trip of 2016...Key West.  Happening this weekend.  I am stoked.  It's been six years since my last visit to this lovely city.  And it will be my third visit.  The first time, I was 20 years old.  I was infatuated with a boy that I met while waitressing.  He visited the restaurant I was working at while on a road trip to Florida.  Young love is all I am saying.
From the experience of meeting this particular boy, I was shown Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Key West.  We drove to the Keys from Miami which was pretty spectacular.  We spent a day and returned back to Miami.  Horrible trip.  It went sideways the minute we took off.
In 2010, I flew to Key West and spent Christmas there.  Scuba diving, wine and wind sail and excellent Cuban coffee.  I skipped the long drive in favor of a connecting flight to Key West.  Much better trip.  More food options and solo.  I met this lovely couple from Indiana on the wind and wine sail.  We chose to dine together at an Italian restaurant and I am still in contact with this couple.  I appreciate that very much.  Maybe one day I will meet up with them again.
This time, Sara Jo and I were discussing when to run a half marathon.  Neither of us like to run in the heat.  Training for a half marathon in the fall would be perfect.  Sure there would be snow, but, it would be quick and painless.  Or, so we told ourselves.  Key West would be perfect.
Then life got in the way.  Sara's job, the weather, lack of motivation, etc...thankfully, I have been able to cross train and do yoga to keep myself active and busy.  Could we have done more training?  Absolutely.  Should we have run more and focused less on going to brunch?  Maybe.  But what kind of fun is that?  Not to mention, we are not trying to medal.  We just wanted to participate and kick start our running foundation.  I believe that part was accomplished.
There will be other events this year and one that will fit into our schedule.  I am certain of that.  In the meantime, I can continue to run, train and be active.  Healthy, overall.  I am still finding a yoga studio that is suitable to my needs.  Each of the ones I have visited have positives and negatives.  None of them offer good music.  I have not yet found an instructor that I absolutely adore yet either.  It's been an interesting journey thus far.  There are more studios to check out.  I remain hopeful.  If nothing else, I can return to mysore and ashtanga.  Talk about routine and strength building.
Key West will present a wonderful way to kick start my year of travel.  Great food, wine and yes, the half marathon.   Super excited to participate and create yet another memory with Sara Jo.

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