Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Gorgeous day.  Yoga, cleaned house, drank some nebbiolo at lunch, updated accounts and inquired about my phone service while in Vietnam.  This will be the first abroad trip where I take my phone with me.  I wanted to know what I could look forward to in terms of rates.  Apparently, there is no such plan in Vietnam and Laos.  However, Cambodia and Thailand will have service where I am not taxed an arm and a leg to use.  And, I need it.  I will be meeting people and looking into attractions in the area. 
I have some accommodation set up in Hanoi and a possible dinner in Bangkok when we arrive in Southeast Asia.  I have a friend from Denver who will be there on work.  A few other associations could create some interesting experiences.  Shari has no idea what she is in for, haha!
I'm meeting a friend from grade school later.  Looking forward to seeing her and catching up in person.  We semi-caught up on Sunday.  Of course there were distractions.  Her kids, husband, sister, football game.  It was a stilted conversation at best.  Tonight, we should have more opportunity to delve into topics and conversation.  And wine will be involved unlike Sunday.  We both were on our best behavior.  Always overrated.
I feel that I should research the area more.  Just to have more of a sense of where I would like to see as I am uncertain if I will make it back, ever.  I would like to return to South Africa and Buenos Aires.  Those are two places that stick out for me.  I have been to Belize and Costa Rica twice so I know I have the capacity to return to countries to explore more.  
I feel that I will be enticed by the food in Vietnam.  I have heard many great things about the scene.  And, I do watch some of the travel network and shows that deal with travel, food, culture.  I think they are insightful and telling.   I suppose I could watch more or read.  I should find a travel guide for the trip.  Perhaps that will be a task tomorrow. I must stay focused and positive in the meantime.  Otherwise, I might just travel to Santa Fe or Arizona.  I am so transparent in my needs.  If I have free time, I want to escape and travel somewhere.  Go see friends and explore.  Doesn't always seem sensible but I do it.  I'm insistent.  I can't help myself.  I like visiting friends and like to make time for the journey.
So there is that.  Next week a mini trip to Santa Fe might on the books.  I'm still thinking about it.  My friend, Paige, should be delivering soon and Libby recently had a baby.  I could see Melody and Christy.  I know there is an Ojo trip in that group of people.  Or, I could check out a yoga class while in town.  That would be a treat.  Go see old friends and see how their yoga has progressed. 
All of these thoughts are in the infancy stage.  I want to completely weigh the pro's and con's of my want to road trip.  Til then, laundry keeps calling.  Be well~

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