Friday, January 29, 2016

more reminders and dinners

Attracting positive thoughts and reminders of the path I am on.  I keep being drawn to statements like--say what you mean. Find your passion.  Or, be brave.  My favorite, leave the job you hate.  Haha.  Fitting.  It's not even about hating a job.  I look at it as being able to find my voice.  Being happy and not settling.  That is the perspective I choose to look at.
I thought I would go hiking today.  Yesterday was gorgeous.  I waivered between hiking, walking around a lake or writing cards to friends.  Writing cards to friends with beers won.  Today is windy and shitty.  I have no desire to hike as the weather is raging.  The wind is overwhelming or so it seems from inside my apartment.  See yoga in my future and maybe a walk later.  I want to enjoy some sunshine and reflect on life.  Find my passion.
I had dinner with my friend, Troy, last night.  We went to a foodie driven spot.  I think this restaurant has eight tables and four bar seats.  Intimate dining at its best.  They offer a small menu--five appetizers and five entrees.  It is straight forward and executed well.  I knew the server from previous experiences and my job.  And the sous chef spotted me as I walked into the establishment and called out my name and where I was working.  I had no idea that he worked here.  I knew him and his wife from being patrons at my job.  We chit chatted wine and Italy.  Not once did he indicate that he was in the industry. 
I focused on the dining experience and catching up with Troy.  He is a world traveler.  I've known him for ten years.  We share losing people close to us around the same time.  We've bonded over meals, wine and travel.  I see him once every few years.  Twice if I am lucky.  Last August he met Shari and I for dinner.  Their first meeting; although, I have spoken of them to each other on several occasions.  It was lovely.  I feel fortunate that we met last night.  Troy can be kinda flaky at times.  I never know if we will actually have dinner or if we will postpone. 
We have had some incredible meals over the years.  He drove from Monterey to Phoenix to join me for dinner four years ago.  Such a lovely experience.  That time, around, we dined at two new spots in Phoenix which were casual and delicious.  Last night was a mix.  It is a casual restaurant but the food is excellent.  Definitely quality!
Troy drove me to my car to evade receiving a parking ticket.  I got the ticket.  Sucked!  Damn permit parking in certain areas of the city. They are going to have to work on that one.  Really irritated me and left a sour taste in my mouth.  I looked at the time of the ticket and they ticketed me at 9:27.  Super annoying.  Troy goes--just don't pay it.  That doesn't work in Denver.  Suddenly a $25 ticket turns into your car being booted or towed.  Neither option sound remotely fun to me.  So I will pay the ticket  eventually.
I am off to hike.  Still windy but the sun is shining bright.  It's glorious outside.  Meeting Tiffany for drinks later.  Life is grand~

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