Tuesday, January 26, 2016

thoughts of the present and future

A friend posed the question to me earlier today.  What would you do if you knew you had only ten years to live?
It's definitely rocked my reality.  I have a trip planned to Vietnam in three weeks which I am extremely excited about.  Cannot wait to discover that country and travel.  I am still trying to decide the best way to celebrate the 28th this year.  Where exactly we will honor Brian's life.  We will be near Hanoi.  Halong Bay is an option but not dynamic in the food sense.  Not like, say, Hue or central Vietnam.  I think that might be the food mecca.  We could check out Laos at this early part of the trip, too.  Yet, I think, remaining in Vietnam seems more likely. 
Returning to the question at heart....what would I do if I knew I only had ten years to live?  Travel.  Well, duh, obviously. This being my year of travel.  Knowing that it is the right path that I am on.  Making it happen.  Inviting friends to share in the experience with me. 
Letting go of what I think I am supposed to be doing.  Being a priority,
Eat carrot cake (daily, well, probably not daily. But frequently).  Visit my sisters in Oregon and Kansas.  Spend time with friends and create memories.  Work in an environment that is supportive of my desires.  Be happy. 
Yoga, of course, is part of the package.  I see how my practice has grown and expanded.  I feel strong and feel confident that others see it too.  I would like to begin teaching privates and eventually work for a studio.  Keeping at it forces me to commit to my health.  It is essential to make that a priority. 
I would say yes to opportunity.  Stop second guessing what I think I should be doing.  Let go.  Be open to possibility.  Whatever presents itself.
There is a slight possibility of me heading to Santa Fe to visit some friends. I do miss Ojo and some friends.  I could meet Libby's baby girl, Vivvie and see Lawrence.  In addition, Melody is there.  We are long overdue for some wine.  I know that she travels to Denver, frequently, for continuing her education.  I would love to see her and catch up.
I do have a great life.  I am fortunate to have supportive friends and family.  I meet some pretty interesting people along my path as well.  I just need to change how I look at things.  I have the opportunity to be truly at ease in Denver.  Free to do what I please and enjoy abundance.  Basically, I would say yes to what I enjoy doing.
Life is short.  If you haven't experienced loss/grief, consider yourself lucky.  It is horrible and difficult to recover from.  And it sucks.  Be kind.  Love.  Be patient.  Enjoy life and the people in it.  Don't regret taking the time to celebrate life.  Don't settle or remain in comfortable/stagnant relationships.
Yes, say yes.  It feels that good!

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