Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Post Key West blues

Detox.  Must start.  Typically in January it is something that I would consider and do.  This year, I was distracted by the Key West trip.  Which did not disappoint in any way.  Maybe enjoyed the spirits a little too much.
Tonight I have plans to meet up with a friend of mine from grade school.  So, the booze cruise will continue.  At least til tomorrow.  I am forcing myself to find another yoga studio to check out.  So far, I have been moderately impressed with aspects of different studios but have yet to find the ideal space.  Either the classes are not capped inviting a mat to mat feel (that I do not prefer).  Or they are super nice/inviting when meeting people but the music is terrible which diminishes the experience for me.  Then there is the sequence itself.  Not challenging or too much like having a trainer inspired class.  I can do that even as it is pushing core limits.  And from continuing the core inspired classes, I was not afraid to attempt a headstand on a paddle boat.  Sara Jo and I opted to do a paddle class in the mangroves.  I think she was more afraid of falling into the water and touching some specimen there.  Neither of us fell into the water thankfully.  Not going to lie the first impression I had of standing up on the board was terrifying.  I did not welcome the idea of falling into the water either.
We paddled out with the current to a secluded area where we anchored and proceeded to do about an hour of yoga.  Child's pose is always an easy posture to set into.  Then we did a few cat/cows and eventually moved into down dog.  It was scary to attempt this posture.  Redundancy helped make everything seem more doable.  Warrior two was no longer terrifying on the paddle board.  I even managed a few chatarangas that flowed, naturally, as opposed to stiff. 
Corpse pose was welcome and lovely.  She finished with a few traditional om's and then I had to ask about head stand.  I asked how often she taught it within a class.  She replied every time.  She offered to add it after the class ended and I wanted to see if I could do it.  I had to push this limit.  What other time would I have the opportunity to do a headstand in the mangroves?
Success.  Did not fall in or crash forward.  Lovely end to the paddle yoga.  I digress.  There are a few other studios in Denver to check out before committing to a permanent home.  I must.  I have a trip in a month and so that provides time to do a trial period with a studio. 
I will meet Jenny and then begin a detox.  Some sort of cleanse to prepare for Vietnam.  Plus, it will be keep me honest with my finances.  I was excessive in Key West.  Sara is an enabler.  The two of us together is dangerous.  Thankfully we are similar in our likes and dislikes.  She is the best!

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