Thursday, June 30, 2016

passing and recycling

Life is short.  Believe me, of most people, I absolutely understand the importance of saying what you mean, doing what you want, etc.  Tonight, I am reminded, again, that sometimes reason takes the back court to what is necessary.
My uncle passed.  They still don't know why.  He was a good man.  Gentle, kind, involved.  My sister called to let me know the news.  I thought she was calling to thank me for coming out to Oregon to celebrate her daughter's graduation.  How wrong I was.
I think of things in my life.  What I would like to communicate and sort.  Instead, I hide behind what is known. Why?  Does it make it any easier?  NO.  Especially when I receive news like tonight.  My uncle was a good man.  He had four kids  and many many grandkids.  Seems nonsensical.
I was gifted a dresser two days ago.  Mint green with wood surfaces.  I thought about how I would like to upgrade this.  Looked at DIY websites and eventually walked away.  I wanted to really think about what I wanted to do.  Should I cover it in newspaper?  Wall paper?  Photos?
Or do a mix of newspaper and photo?  Eventually, I realized that I wanted to do a montage of black and white photos with some colors intertwined.  I would coat the sides of the dresser, the top and the mirror. I will leave the cabinets to green.  Still undecided as to if I do the base with black and whites photos.
I will attend an early morning barre class.  Think 6:15.  Then work.  Rest and repeat.  I have plans with Sara Jo and a coffee date with my aunt on Sunday.  I am well.  Thriving. 
Tomorrow is a good day.  Full of opportunity and possibility.  I am excited to be here now.

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