Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Friends and remembering how I like to move

Lunch with my whole foods friends.  Hoping to see both of them--Cody and Justin on my visit this month.  Justin is a great dining companion and I have done multiple hikes and/or yoga sessions with Cody.  Actually, Cody visited me earlier this month.  She and her husband drove out to Philly to attend the DNC and I was one of their first stops on their cross country venture.  It was wonderful to host them.  My first guests in my new place. 
I am still accessorizing and upgrading my things.  As always, I have simplified my life.  I have moved from college in my car to Phoenix.  When I left Phoenix, the first time, I packed up my Nissan and found myself in Denver.  Again, with minimal belongings and when I left Denver in 2011, I packed up Veronica and headed south.  This time, I did manage to store my artwork and other bigger items at a friend's industrial garage.  They were more than accommodating to me while I figured out where I wanted to be.  Then a passing boyfriend picked up those items and brought them to Phoenix.  My artwork.  My table and chairs and some items accrued during my life with Brian.  Things that I had associated with him that I was hanging on to.
When I moved to Santa Fe, again, I moved my car with items and bought a rental car in other weekends to move my life.  My friend, Jan, convinced her boyfriend to cart my bed, artwork and table and chairs there for me. 
I returned to Denver and stored my stuff at the Warrior Prince's apartment.  I made multiple trips in rental cars and brought the remainder of my belongings in Veronica on her last trip north.  Ironically, I return to Denver and finally decide to rid myself of some of the things that I have carted around with me for the last ten years.  Table and chairs.  A bike I gifted to the community in Santa Fe.  Some artwork that I am ready to let go.  Clothing--lots of purging there. Feels good and right to let go of items that have been boxed and carted from place to place in my car. I would like to acquire a new table and chairs.  Thinking a caberet style or cute Parisian café table.  Boutique with a few chairs.  I have the space to do yoga, at home, which I am loving.  A sofa was left for me to use and it is clean and comfortable.  Tan and so not clashing with the rest of the living room.
I digress.  I wanted to blog about the drama with my landlady.  I still cannot believe that she thought an indoor camping porta potty would be a viable option.  If the roles were reversed, I wonder how she would handle it.  Disposing of her own waste while paying rent to someone.  Hmmmm.....seems insane.  Or as I also like to think  of it....she gave me a colostomy bag.  So gross! 
I am heading to AZ to visit, do yoga and shop.  Maybe I will find my ultimate dress to wear in NOLA.  September celebrations will be right around the corner and soon.  I must begin to make reservations for my venture.
Til then, cheers!

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