Friday, June 2, 2017

finally making some changes

I did it.  I finally contacted a personal trainer.  I have been thinking about it for almost a year.  I think after my friend, Brie, said she had hired one prior to her wedding.  Actually, a couple of years ago I met two women in Santa Fe who were vacationing there.  They were in amazing shape and told me that they were each 55.  I was shocked.  Truly, they looked stunning--fit, healthy and able to eat whatever they wanted. 
I asked what their secret was to appearing so youthful.  One of them told me that when she turned 35 years old, she made a decision to get a personal trainer and has been working out with her person  since then. 
I think that stayed with me.  The decision to make a life style change to fully enjoy life.  That, coupled with Brie's admission to hiring one, motivated me to consider it.  I have been talking about it with friends and finally, inquired about it at the gym I frequent.  I saw the TRX bands and that is what finally prompted me.  I have looked at other studios that incorporate TRX classes into their regime.  I like the resistance training and have been trying to find a studio to take a class. I want to do this training with good music, of course!  So, I asked the front desk girl to give me the one trainer that I know and have taken classes with at the gym.  However, Valerie recently had a baby and so I didn't know how much she was interested in training new clients.  I asked the girl if she could suggest someone to seek out.  She mentioned two trainers that use TRX to some degree in their sessions.  One of the trainers always uses it and so I asked for her information.  After a few back and forth calls, we finally spoke.  I was honest in how often I work out and that I do walk to work often.  We touched on my diet which should be interesting.  She will email me a list of questions that she wants me to be honest about.  That is always the quandary.  Of course, honesty benefits me.  She can put together a true workout schedule for me to achieve my goals.  I haven't yet mentioned those.  I am interested in maintenance and strength building.  I could use more cardio.  I think I have plateaued in my Barre classes. Another reason I am seeking out a trainer.  I want to be held accountable.
Back to the honesty....should I tell her about the amount of wine I am capable of drinking?  Or be evasive?  I do take days off from drinking wine and other spirits, sometimes.  I am meeting with her in a few weeks so I can tweak my diet in the meantime.  I call it preemptive cheating.  Or trying to make myself look a little better, haha.
I know that it is in my best interest to fully disclose my habits drinking wine and otherwise.  It will only bite me in the ass in the end.  In the meantime, I can continue to attend Barre and yoga classes. I thought about relying on astanga classes in my house to slim down.  I know this is a great workout.  I know that if I truly practiced that sequence six days a week for the hour and half required, I would feel better and look better.  I still might do yoga in the meantime.
I have a road trip to Santa Fe next week which delayed my meeting with the trainer.  I wanted to go to Ojo Caliente and visit friends. There is a chance that I can attend a TRX class while there.  And there is the green chile factor.  I love it!
So, I am making changes.  I made some statement to my trainer about metabolism decline based on age.  She said it is a myth. I can stop blaming my age for the slowdown, haha.  Of course, I hated mentioning my age.  Instead, I can start making changes to increase my health and fitness.  It's time.  I thought about signing up for a marathon, actually, a half is more my speed.  I am uninspired to go running though.  Seems like a waste and that I should focus on something else instead.  If the Goddess was able to run with me once a week, well, then, it might be different.  I am meeting her tonight.  It's been a little overdue for a visit with her and I have not seen her boys since the Super bowl. 
Enjoy your day!

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