Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Enchanted times ahead

I try to go somewhere once a month.  For the most part, it has worked.  In January, I visited Colombia and got my first passport stamp of 2017.  In February, I checked out the food scene in Los Angeles with Shari and celebrated life.  March brought a road trip to Santa Fe with the Warrior Prince.  His first time to Ojo Caliente and that awesomeness.  In April I went to Palm Springs with Sara Jo to check out the high desert and Joshua Tree.  May, I returned to Chicago with Maghan to do another foodie centered trip.  Basically, amazing and I am excited for my next trip to that city. 
I have been able to manage my work schedule in a way that I can explore other cities.  I love being able to do this.  I enjoy the planning involved as well as seeking out friends to arrange lunches, happy hours or dinner.  It's part of my life and I love it.
This month, I am driving down to Santa Fe since I have limited time off. I can manage a two and a half day road trip by going to Santa Fe.  It is a little oasis for me.  Actually, it always has been. When I lived there, I did not view it that way.  Instead, Denver was my escape place.  Now, being in Denver again or as I like to think of it, home, going to Santa Fe has returned to the mini mecca where I go to reflect, rejuvenate, explore.  From living there, I have multiple friends to spend time with and many hangouts to revisit.  I am staying near the Baca district which will put me walking distance to two of my favorite local spots.  I see a breakfast burrito in my future. 
That and green chile.  I could bathe in green chile.  It is that good.  I might bring some back to Denver as well.  Of course, there is Ojo Caliente where I will soak and steam.  That is the main draw of the trip.  I spoke to Melody about joining me for a weekday soak.  Thankfully, it worked out with her schedule.  That is the only concrete thing that I will do.  Otherwise, I will see a few friends and check out the new museums and restaurants.  My friend, Teo, had a baby four days ago.  Initially while planning the trip, I thought I would be able to see her and get a pedicure.  I wanted to treat her to some self care for her baby shower.  I tend to want to treat the mom rather than the kid.  I did the same thing for the Goddess.  I bought Lindsay a massage for her last baby sprinkle.  So, Teo is probably out due to the fact she just gave birth.  It would be nice to see her but I do not want to intrude on her during this time.  I can meet her son at a later date. 
I considered a barre class or yoga, too.  Truly depends on if I meet friends for happy hour or not on Thursday.  However, there is a studio that is wonderful--great music, workouts and energy.  I wish we had a studio like that here.  I did this TRX class that kicked my booty and inspired me to seek out studios in Denver that offer TRX.  I believe, I have found a trainer here that can lead me into that resistance training.  I digress.
I have many options in Santa Fe.  Eating, friends, exercise....I wish I had one more day.  I know that I will head down again this year.  It is too easy to make happen and I love it!  I am still thinking about next month and where to go.  I have college friends meeting in Kansas to celebrate a classmate's life.  It would be nice to see them and honor this man's life.  My cousin in getting married in Colorado on that same day.  I think I will be in Denver to celebrate with Theresa. If I went to Kansas, I would want additional days to spend with Emma and Mason, my niece and nephew.  I would not be able to do a quick two day trip there.
Plus, I will be in Kansas in November.  One trip a year is doable.  My little sister is getting married and so we are all returning to celebrate with her.  I will have loads of family time then.
I should get ready to greet the day.  I walked to work yesterday and see that happening today.  Something about sunshine, listening to music and seeing the city.  Such a great way to enjoy the morning.  Cheers!

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