Wednesday, June 14, 2017

yoga and other concerns

The summer solstice is approaching.  I was scrolling through my social media feed and saw that some of my friends are posting about 108 sun salutations.  When I lived in Phoenix, several of the studios that I attended offered a class to greet the summer solstice by doing 108 sun salutations.  I was unable to do this class due to work and when the class was typically offered.  My friend that posted the reference to the summer solstice, presently, mentioned the class being offered on Friday.  Seemed a little surprising.  I believed that the class was offered on the day or as close to the day as possible.  At any rate, it inspired me to consider doing my own type of ceremony at my house.  I could sage smudge my house and attempt this physical feat of 108 chatarangas.  It would definitely increase my ability to do pushups, haha.  So, there is that.
Plus, it must have meditative qualities.  I should look into it.  I wonder if they hold the down dog for five breaths of just knock them out.  It is do-able either way.  Probably a little more conducive with the breaths in the resting position.  My favorite Barre instructor recently quit which frees up my Saturday morning workout sessions.  I will miss Shannon and her playlist!  However, I think, this week the sun salutations will be the way to go. Release some energy and bring on the new season.  I taught yoga yesterday, donation based.  I have been trading yoga for experience and spending time with friends.  Translation, I would be treated to lunch and drinks in exchange for my time.  I'm not going to lie....this is a great arrangement.  However, I want to step it up and hold myself accountable to being certified.  I am now offering classes donation based.  The class went well.  I had been feeling out some new sequences and wanted to test them on others.  Success.  Or so it would seem.  Danielle is returning on Thursday for another session and I want to change up the flow.  Maybe throw in more pushups, pre-chataranga to build heat as opposed to doing three sun A's and then three sun B's.  If Matt joins us, I will do the same sequence that I constructed yesterday to see how it feels to him.  He is also honest in his critiques and feed back.  I appreciate that tremendously. 
I can tell that I would benefit from a pure night of sleep.  More than 5-6 hours.  Knowing that I work at 9:15 am is inspiring me to wake up early, do some yoga and walk to work.  I had a break between 3:30 and 4:30 yesterday and realized how hot it is during that time of day.  I had been walking to work for the night shift as of late.  However, knowing how hot is and can be, I think I will make use of my uber rides.  I don't like arriving all sweaty and basically in need of a shower. 
Tomorrow, I will flow with Danielle, maybe Matt.  I would like to test out a few ideas before trying them out.  I am increasing my focus on the shoulder and stretching it.  Recently, I have been incorporating more hip stretching and eventually will tackle the splits.  This is probably my least favorite posture available.  I need to learn how to cue it properly.  Since I do not like, I rarely do it.  I become irritated in classes that focus on it in their classes. I realize that it probably is something that I would benefit from as it challenges my limits.
Brief side note.....the more I walk to work I become aware of the terrible driving in Denver.  People do not pay attention to pedestrians which is frustrating.  I have almost been hit multiple times due to this inattentive and erratic driving.  People rolling through stop signs or stopping past the cross walk.  I learned my lesson walking behind a vehicle one day which I refuse to do.  This guy almost backed into me.  His response--you have eyes.  I would have loved to see him explain to his insurance adjustor why he hit a pedestrian, cyclist or car behind him.  He was a complete jackass!  I like walking up 14th as it is the most shaded route but there are many stop signs where people are aggressive and unaware of the pedestrian.  16th Street is another option and I take it frequently.  Less shade, though.  17th Street is similar to 14th--lots of people do not look both directions before trying to cross it or turn on it.  It can be annoying to walk on as a result.  I only want people to pay attention.  I see many people walking or cycling around Denver.  Just take an extra second to look both ways before accelerating across a street or through a stop sign.
I am off to start my day.  Cheers!

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