Monday, June 12, 2017

Quick trip enchanted

Lovely few days off  and exploring Santa Fe.  My drive down was quick and easy.  I did encounter a little bit of construction once I entered New Mexico which was irritating.  Brief, though.  I drove straight to La Choza to meet Lawrence for lunch.  We had texted back and forth about where to meet and it seemed like the best spot.  Good parking and I love the silver coins.  Plus, who can pass up chips and salsa? 
Afterwards, I checked into my airbnb and signed up for a Barre class. There is a studio that I discovered after moving away.  If only, I had known about Temple and Tribe while living in Santa Fe!  It is wonderful and I always am challenged by the classes.  I prefer the TRX inspired classes with the owner.  The Barre instructor is okay.  I am not in love with her music selection nor that fact that she doesn't cue how long we will be performing a certain move.  I like a little more guidance and direction.  I think I relied on how my instructor in Denver set up her classes--regimented and with amazing upbeat *tempo* music.  I am all for hip hop in these classes as long as the rhythm is fast.  I am grateful that I attended the class still.
I stopped by a market to pick up wine and then take-out from a local eatery.  The rental had a great outdoor seating area where I could watch the sunset while drinking wine and enjoying my salad.  Seemed kismet.  As there was no t.v. to distract myself, I read.  I had brought a few books with me that were almost finished.  I was more intrigued by the selection I found at the house.  There were multiple books on revolution and Che.  I found a fiction novel about a Dominican that enticed me.  I spent the next day trying to finish it instead of taking it with me.  I did consider that as I left my books to add to their collection.  I resisted the urge to take it with me.  I figure I will find it in Denver at the library or a book store. 
I relaxed, reflected and enjoyed.  Melody picked me up early on Friday for a morning soak at Ojo Caliente.  This spa inspired my entire trip.  It is the perfect way to spend a day in New Mexico.  They are continuing to update and improve their pools which I appreciate.  After a thorough soak at Ojo, we returned to Santa Fe and met Libby for lunch.  Libby is my friend from Santa Fe that I met while living in Phoenix.  We both ended up in New Mexico about four months between each other.  Her brother had been living there and I wanted to try it out myself.  Libby has a small daughter, Vivian, who is about 18 months.  I met her, initially, when she was 3 months, I think.  So, we returned to La Choza as it seemed more kid friendly than some of the other options.  Plus, I rarely pass up chips and salsa and silver coin margaritas.  Successful lunch and catch up session.  Melody and Libby met at my going away party and so it was an easy lunch to maneuver. 
Instead of arranging all of my time around eating and drinks, I returned to my rental and took a nap. I read more of my book and then headed to the consignment stores that I like.  Jackpot!  I bought seven new tops and a dress.  I checked out the store for shorts and managed to get distracted by the selection of tops.  The short selection was minimal and geared more towards women who enjoy wearing knee length shorts.  Yuck!  I am still not interested in sporting what I consider PTA mom attire.  Not yet.
Melody, Clayton and I met for dinner at DFG, another local eatery.  My friend, Lawrence, works there one night at week.  We met while working together and he is a great conversationalist.  The food is farm to table driven and always delicious.  I especially enjoyed the kale salad with seasonal vegetables. 
The next morning, I woke up at 5:30.  Drank some coffee, cleaned up my glassware, tidied and departed the airbnb.  I stopped by the farmer's market for a breakfast burrito and goods.  I wanted tomatoes and cucumbers which are not in season there yet.  Instead, I found sage, beets and honey.  There were other greens that looked amazing but I didn't have a cooler and I didn't want them to wilt in my car.  I had remembered that I should bring my cooler when I dined at La Choza.  I enjoy their green chile, immensely, and thought about bringing some back to Denver for me and the Warrior Prince.  No cooler=no chile. 
I roasted the beets yesterday and they are incredible.  I should have purchased more.  I bought a bunch (four) for $3.50.  Muy barato, haha.  All, in all, a much needed break and one in which I enjoyed.  Less time out and more time reflecting on life and reading.  A way to decompress or detach from technology, too.  I loved it!
I hope to return in a few months to soak at Ojo and check out the new restaurants in Santa Fe.  There is a taco place, local brew spot and Mexican restaurant that all looked interesting.  If only, I had had one more day.  I wanted to see Teo, too.  She had her baby on the 2nd and so I figured she would be overwhelmed with adjusting and recovering to her new role as a mom.  Next visit for sure.  I told her we would have to meet for silver coins.
Until next time....cheers!

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