Wednesday, May 16, 2018

reflecting and dreaming

Wish I were back here....isn't it gorgeous.  Blue skies, palm trees and water.  This is what I imagine when I meditate.  Or, when people tell me to visualize a peaceful, tranquil place.  You know this happens sometimes in yoga classes.  To become present and slow down the breathing.  It is a useful technique to let go of whatever is going on outside of the four walls.  Think of a place that is calming.  For me, this is the illustration.  This is beauty.  This is relaxing and pureness.  This is where I would love to be today. 
I have a day off and am always planning travel.  I get caught up in what I should be doing or what I could be doing when in actuality, mostly, I dream of traveling.  

Rincon, Puerto Rico.  I had a lovely time celebrating my friend's wedding on the beach.  In mid March, I spent five days there.  The final day of my trip, I was able to walk on the beach and take some photos.  Of course, I had the opportunity to do this at any point on the trip.  My friend's were very gracious and organized.  I just didn't make time to explore the beach.  
I do miss the view.  I should have gotten up, earlier, and walked on the beach.  Literally, we stayed steps away from beach.  Maybe in the fall I will return to Rincon to see the beach and their wine shop.  Tiffany and Dan purchased a wine shop in March and are about to open.  Permits, choosing product and other details have been preoccupying their time.  I would love to return and support them.  Did I mention the beach?
Yes, back to the day....I have a day off today and have some things planned.  Laundry, cleaning my house, some yoga....maybe read later.  I need to incorporate more of that into my life.  My colleague has given me 75 books, I think, in the last month.  Might as well start decreasing the clutter.
The beach also makes me think of yoga.  Wouldn't it be great to attend a retreat on the beach?  I wonder if I could make that happen.  Spend 8-10 days in paradise while focusing on health and wellness.  Sounds incredible.  I should focus on adding to my clients and experience and make it happen.  Maybe that will be what I meditate on today.  Abundance, travel and combining dreams.  
I have a few other tasks to complete before turning myself loose on what remains to be seen.  I asked Roxie to meet me for lunch and hope that it will happen.  Until then, I will dream of blue skies and waves.  I know that I can return to a beach someday soon.  If not Rincon, maybe Greece.  I have yet to visit those epic islands and it is a must do for me.  
Until then, cheers!

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