Friday, May 11, 2018

upcoming ideas and hopes

Good morning!  Beautiful day in Denver.  I taught yoga yesterday and my client referenced the heat factor.  That we would be experiencing record heat in Colorado which is true for us.  However, I had to chuckle.  83 is not that bad considering in Phoenix they have already hit and maintained 103.  Now that is hot and I would definitely need to purchase an air conditioner to be able to sleep.
Yesterday was a personal health day for me.  I taught yoga and then took a class.  Laundry, cleaning the house which is productive and an early night to bed.  I think I need to allow my body to rest and recover.  No wine to accompany dinner.  Yes, I take breaks to equalize my body and rehydrate.  Although, I do enjoy wine frequently.  I had a few conversations at work the other night about my love of wine.  I recommended a few different glasses to people who typically drink what they know.  I absolutely agree with that and yet, sometimes, it is okay to venture out and try something new.  In the past, I have considered taking the sommelier certification.  It is a commitment and challenging.  I allow myself to be distracted and not focus on that dream.  Maybe one day.  Until then, I will continue to sample and enjoy wine.
Today, I have a session with my trainer/coach.  I think in the course of almost a year, Courtney has become my personal coach as well.  She is encouraging, supportive and a resourceful person.  Not only does she come up with mind bending physical sessions, she asks me what I hope to do with my life.  She encourages me to think outside of the box and pursue my dreams of health, wellness and teaching.  I feel guilty, though, as I have fallen off of the wagon to a certain degree.  I could be eating cleaner and I know it.  Sometimes, it's easier and convenient to make poor choices.  I should have done a cleanse yesterday or taking multiple days off.  I knew I would be seeing her today and that I would not be able to hide my poor choices as they will be noted in our work out.  Still, today is a new day and a base to work from.  I cannot beat myself up.  Instead, I must look at how I can get it done and do it better.  I have been trying to express more gratitude and see the greatness in my life.  No more complaining about things I cannot control.
I have two clients today and then a late lunch for research and development.  I will be talking about my practice and how to attract more clients or opportunities to teach.  Wine will be involved.  Friday is typically my cheat day, lol.
I might meet with Jenn's friend, Christine, tonight to walk the park.  I figure it could be another opportunity to bounce my ideas and receive another perspective.  The more I talk about it, the more I am committed to make it a reality.  I want to be doing more yoga and sharing with others.
I am enjoying seeing what is out there.  I was super inspired after my trip to Minneapolis and would love to return if only for the yoga.  It was that good!  Spending time with my aunt was mindful, too.  We had not seen in each other in years and it is interesting to see how genetics work.  I know she is spending a lot of time reconnecting with my mom which is beneficial to both of them.  Due to a miscommunication and pure stubbornness, they did not speak or see each other for 27 plus years.  Seems ridiculous and insane.  I mean, I talk to one of my sisters almost daily.  I rely on her for talking me off of the ledge at times as well as comic relief.  I don't know what I would do without her in my life.
I cannot believe that 2018 is almost half over.  I need to start thinking about things I hope to accomplish.  Of course, that includes and is dominated by places I want to travel.  I will think on it and reflect on.  Time to get my work out on.

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