Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Early night in

Finally, an early night in.  The last week has been decadent and a little unforgiving.  Plenty of wine, rich food and of course, there was that road trip to Santa Fe.  I skipped yoga which also produces a ton of guilt for me.  I must return to my routine lifestyle.  Yoga, walking to work and eating clean.  Today, I made an effort to do just that.  I walked to work and to lunch where I chose to return home, mid-afternoon.   Then, I walked back to work and was off early enough to walk back home.  All, in all, twelve miles, I believe.
Yesterday, I had planned on returning to a clean lifestyle before being invited to a bbq at my co-worker's house.  I have been wanting to see his garden for awhile and couldn't resist that opportunity.  I ended up drinking rose over there.  His house is gorgeous--beautiful colors, natural light and the garden is immense.  I felt very fortunate to be spending my Memorial Day in that manner.
So, yes, an early night in.  I peeled carrots and added some hummos and a tortilla.  I felt like not cooking or adding heat to my house.  It is still cool enough at night to sleep with the windows open.  I hope to not have to purchase an a/c as I do not want the forced air.  I prefer natural light and natural air flow.  However, sometimes, there is no way around this.  Living in Arizona demands having access to an a/c.
I slept better than Monday night.  I think the ongoing days of wine drinking created that.  I prefer taking a day or two off every week to rest, rejuvenate and rehydrate.  I need it to remain equalized.  A good night of sleep and some upcoming dreams of travel.  I did dream of making cocktails and almost breaking a shaker over a bin of ice.  I don't know why that seemed so relevant in my dream--the almost breaking over the ice but saving it.  I was insistent to my imaginary manager that I was super capable and responsible since I didn't break the glassware.  Seems comical now.
I dreamed of Santa Fe, too. How it draws you in and creates this idealistic sense of beauty and mysticism.  This is the best time of year to visit, too.  The start of their season when it is overflowing with people visiting and a lovely, intoxicating vibe.  I am thankful to have visited last week and know that the trip was too short.  I could have used one more day there to explore more and check out a yoga class.  They have this wonderful barre studio that I love to attend classes at.  This past trip we just didn't have time to find a class.  I know that I will return and in the next few months.  We did a little shopping at one of my favorite consignment stores and I insisted that we walk through the farmer's market before returning to Denver.  Of course, the vegetables that I am interested in are not in season yet.  Still, Sara Jo bought the most beautiful peonies and I picked up a lip balm and some local honey.  It was worthwhile.
Monday night, I finally, booked my lodgings in Washington D.C.  I met a hotel guy at the Red Rocks show last week and was hopeful that he would have some suggestions of places to stay with a possible discount.  I waited on my friend to contact me before deciding it would be preferable to handle it myself.  I don't want to be reliant on others to figure out my stay.  And, I like staying at airbnb's.  They feel a little more welcoming than hotels.  We are staying near Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan--I believe, a great area to be in.  I want to check out some new restaurants and maybe return to the Monuments.  This will be my 3rd trip to the Capitol City and I am excited to explore more of it.
I hope to reflect on life and converse with old friends today.  Life is grand~

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