Tuesday, June 5, 2018

progess or frustration

A friend of mine was visiting from Asheville.  Lauren and I worked together for about a year and I have seen her on three different occasions in Denver since she moved to North Carolina.  I mentioned it to one of my co-workers since he had just spent four days there exploring that city.  He fell in love with one of the bbq spots and asked if my friend could bring him a shirt out. I knew that Lauren was already in Denver and so I texted her last night and asked if she would send me an XL t-shirt for this guy.  I am old school.  I ask people for favors and respond when people ask me.  I contacted my friend about sending me a shirt and she said, absolutely, she would and then sent me a link of how to order merchandise on-line.  I had not even considered that option.  Of course that would be the easiest way for Kyle to attain his desired shirt.  He had not thought of it either in spite of the fact that he is a millennial.  Aren't most of them tied to their phones and apps?  I texted him the link and he responded with--oh, I should have thought of that myself....yes, you should have.  Took me and my friend out of the equation.  He can order his shirt and have it shipped directly to his house.  No middle person involved.
Progress has improved some things.  Convenience of attaining wanted items without adding more people to the mix.  In other ways, there is room for error.  I like to talk to people to ensure quality service and am frustrated by automated services.  I use uber daily.  The other day, I hired a car and waited for the driver to pick me up.  The app showed that the guy had arrived but I couldn't see him.  I tried calling him three times and he never picked up his phone.  Eventually, after waiting ten minutes for my car, the ride is canceled and I am charged a cancellation fee.  I am irritated and wanted it rectified immediately.  Plus, I was exhausted and hungry and angry.  I finally figure out how to protest the cancellation fee and again, am directed to a menu of items.  I wanted to talk to a person to express my frustration.  That wasn't an option.  I did try to contact the driver.  He didn't respond.  Ironically, he has completed 7000 plus trips.  How do you not know how to answer your phone if you have been driving that long?  It is easy to communicate and yet, people are refusing to.
So, yes, apps and progress have eased some tension.  They also have cut out the convenience of direct communication.  That is what I miss.  I miss having interaction with actual people to display anger, happiness, sadness, frustration.  E-mailing or texting is just not the same.  It can be misconstrued easily and often. There is no voice inflection or insight into the intended perspective.  It's cold, calculated and misidentified frequently.
Today, I will walk to work and listen to music.  It feels like a leisurely morning.  I attended an early morning yoga class and was frustrated.  I always want more movement in classes and a better music selection.  This morning, the instructor has great cues and I like her as a person.   She just doesn't have the same command or recognize that it is an all levels class and that she should offer modifications to challenge students that have strong practices.  I was mostly bored and couldn't wait to leave.
I purchased a few bolsters last night to aid Georgette in the yin type of class that I will now offer her.  Props are essential in that realm of yoga.  I also finally found a photo album that I can fill up and give to Jenn of memories.  I think that is a thoughtful gift and something that she does not have.  I must continue to write in my journal and expand my yoga practice.  I am ready!

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