Friday, June 8, 2018

checking in mid week on goals

Mid week check committed have you been to your goals?  10%, 30%, 50%, 100%?  I think I am right around 70%.  I have managed to eat at home, read and cut back on my intake of wine.  I have not decreased my tv watching nearly enough and I still have a few friends to reach out to.  Sara Jo has been MIA since our trip to Santa Fe and Jenn has been working nonstop work.  I figure I will have a sushi date with her soon and I will track Sara Jo down and make her drink wine with me.  She needs to take a break from her job now and then.
I woke up yesterday and had a random pain on the top of my foot.  It feels like my ankle and calf are straining one of the tendons creating discomfort.  I massaged in some arnica cream and have been religiously icing it.  I forgot that I have some CBD oil from one of my clients.  Georgette gave me a sample and wants to know what I think of it.  I think I will be topically applying it before seeing my trainer.  I love my trainer but think I might need to take a break from her for a bit.  I have not been happy with some of the variables that I cannot control.  Music.  I have always been able to suggest what I would like to listen to while training with her.  Recently, though, they have added classes to the gym during my session and the instructor takes over the music.  I told Courtney that I wanted a new solution and think today will be another lost effort.  If it starts to go south, I am going to pay for half the class.  I won't be irritated during another session and not say anything.  My expectation is to have a good session with music that I prefer.  Not be forced to listen to shit while paying someone to train me.  I have learned a lot from Courtney and know that if I take a break I will focus more on my nutrition.
I have been organizing my face and de-cluttering.  Feng shui suggests that clutter creates chaos and negativity.  I need to focus on clearing my space and creating a healthy living space.  Chad gave me 80 plus books and I am slowly sorting through them.  If a book doesn't grab me within 50 pages, I am putting it down and finding another one.  I have four to put into the rotation of the local free libraries.  I love those little pop up boxes.
I have been making more food at home.  Salads, fresh vegetables and homemade mustard vinaigrette.  I could be better on this front.  On Tuesday, I dined downtown for lunch and then ordered take-out from a pasta place near my house.  While there, I met my newest client.  Kevin is my first male client not counting a friend that I did some consulting for.  The golf instructor needed some hip adjustments and had poo-pooed yoga until we worked out together.  Still it was more of a favor and so I don't count him as a true first client.  Kevin is from Santa Fe (of course and I still have strong ties to New Mexico) and our session went extremely well.  I did forget my essential oil like an idiot.  I think he is mostly interested in that.  I am hoping to schedule him in once a week.
It was ironic how we met.  I decided to take the seat next to his and we began chatting about life and travel.  The Santa Fe connection sparked more of an interest and next thing I know, we are discussing when we can meet for yoga.
I hope to add to my clientele.  I have continued to take classes to see what else is out there.  It is all about the research and development.  I consider that my passion while traveling too.  Checking out the local restaurant scene, yoga and wine.  I have a trip to D.C. and then Walla Walla.  Covering Washington State and the premier city.
I should clean my apartment before my client arrives tomorrow.  I have a lunch date this afternoon with an old friend.  Janna and I met when I lived in Arizona.  Ironically, she and I both had lived in Denver and originally were from Kansas.  Now, we are both back in Denver and I would love to catch up and see how she is doing.  She is funny, witty and travel friendly.  She reminds me of Sara Jo.
So I am off to see the trainer and plan the rest of the day.  Check in.  How are you doing?  How would you change your week in a re-do?  Do you still have time to meet your goals?

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