Sunday, June 24, 2018

D.C. delights

I spent the last few days in Washington D.C. with a friend of mine from middle school.  Jennifer has been hiking the AT the last three months and proposed this brief trip to the city last July.  I think she knew she would want a break from being in the woods to refresh, rejuvenate and relax.  Plus, she knows that I love exploring cities.  She knew it would be easy for me to say yes and that I would find eateries and bars to check out.
We stayed in Capitol Hill which was a great area.  I think we spent the majority of our trip in the Adams Morgan area.  It is overrun with amazing restaurants and bars.  We walked everywhere which I really appreciated and did one yoga class to see what was out there.  I did enjoy the sequencing and heat.  The instructor gave me a few incredible adjustments which I also appreciated.  The downside to the studio--no shower. I was dripping sweat off of me and had no access to a shower.  Then when it came to paying for the class, I explained that I teach in Denver and typically studios extend a courtesy rate to teachers or at least waive the cost of the mat and/or towel.  No such luck here and of course they added tax. That was annoying.  I toweled off with my sweat soaked travel and changed back into my casual clothes.  I couldn't wait to get back to the Airbnb and shower.  I am not a fan of walking around sweaty.
Still, I liked what they were doing in D.C.  I think I might borrow some of the sequence and try to incorporate it into my classwork.  As noted, we walked everywhere.  It was preferable than sitting in traffic.  We toured the monuments--Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Capitol building and my favorite, the MLK Memorial.  That was amazing.  I loved all of the quotes that surrounded his statue.  It was incredible.  We would have stayed there longer had it not been raining.  Friday was all day rain with a little reprieve.  We also checked out the Renwick and Portrait Gallery.  Both of those exhibits were terrific.  I loved the Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick.  I had more insight into what that annual event is all about.  I didn't realize it had the Temple which was one of my favorite things in the exhibit and possibly, Burning Man.  I loved the idea of releasing grief by writing notes to  loved ones.  It had the most amazing energy.
We did a brief stopover by the White House.  There were a few people protesting about Nicaragua and other people walking through.  Not the hot attraction it once was.  On our last morning, we walked through the farmer's market.  Of course, Jennifer was uninterested in collecting more things to carry.  She stopped at a UPS to send some items to her mom.  I absolutely understand why she would do that.  I grew tired of carrying my carry on bag around D.C. and believe me, it was small.  I always travel light to avoid checking bags.  I did check bags this trip out.  Jennifer sent me tent stakes that would have been considered dangerous and flagged by TSA.  Seemed foolish to push the envelope.  I checked my bag and was carefree on my flight out to Dulles.
I will hopefully reflect more on my experiences in restaurants at a later date.  I need to iron and head to work.  Rainy day in Denver and I am inspired to sleep, lol.  I won't.  I did manage a yoga class this morning and hopefully will stop by an early morning class tomorrow.  I have a client tomorrow night and then another one arranged for Tuesday.  It's been a lovely day!

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