Monday, June 4, 2018

goals of the new week

This upcoming week as it is Monday inspires me to make a list of goals.  Rarely do I make it for the present.  Instead I have upcoming goals or things I would like to achieve in the future.  Travel, lunch dates, adult things---dentist, lady doc, glasses--are things that become future goals.  I do manage to schedule car maintenance regularly although it has been awhile.  I need to have my oil changed this week.  I should schedule an appointment with the lady doctor at some point this year.  I have attended to my teeth which seems to be an ongoing process.  The sonic care tooth brush has alleviated a lot of the build up and I am more motivated to brush my teeth longer.  I have been making my own mouthwash, too.  Melody mentioned a recipe that she uses with essential oils that I prefer.  I need to purchase more contacts and lens for glasses, too.  I have a few frames to choose from and would love to begin wearing glasses that are stylish and fit.  My current pair I have had since 2011.  Time for an upgrade.
This week, I want to focus on attainable goals and make some changes.  I intend to dine at home, more, and make my meals.  I thought the farmer's market would be open by now by my house.  Unfortunately, it is not.  Still, I have ingredients to make a nice soup or salad.  The farmer's market will enable dining seasonally and supporting local farmers.  I love that idea and also recognize that the quality of the food is superior. It requires less oil to ship and all, in all, benefits the community.  I saw Melody a few weeks ago in Santa Fe and she looked amazing.  I mean, she always does but this time she was super fit.  I asked what her secret was and she noted that she had cut out most meat from her diet and was focusing more on fruits and vegetables.  She cut out sugar years ago and so I knew that she had been doing something different.  I want to be lean and feel good. Less dairy and beef.  More vegetables.  I can absolutely support this change and see how my diet is affected.
I want to be spending more time at home and reading.  Stop distracting myself by watching t.v. and focus on getting things done.  I have some yoga things to attend to and should get my notes ready for Sara's workman's comp claim.  I've been thinking about having business cards made to represent my yoga business.  My friends, Roxie and Jenn, have been pushing me in that direction and in the past I have been hesitant.  Now, though, I think it is time.  I have an idea and just need to put it in motion.
I have a few dates planned with friends and now there is a trip to Walla Walla to figure out.  My friend, Jean, asked me to meet her in Spokane for a weekend to help out her sons.  In addition, we can wine taste in that region to occupy some of our time.  The last time I was in Walla Walla was in 2010 or 2011.  Ironically, I had a conversation with a customer the other day about the highlights of tasting in Walla Walla.  I think I wanted to make it happen and it now will.  I have a stack of books to attend to compliments of my colleague, Chad.  He moved in with his partner and wanted to de-clutter some of his belongings before relocating.  I go in spurts with reading where I am avid and then there is a drought.  I am currently mini-drought.  I think I become unmotivated due to the heat or if I am working too much.  On my days off, I want to treat myself to a nice lunch and/or sleep to catch up on taking care of my body.  I will begin to read and find myself napping instead.
This week, more dining at home.  More yoga classes and listening to music.  Less t.v. and more positivity.  It is a new week.  Rejuvenated.  Refreshed.  New possibilities.  I am on fire!

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