Thursday, February 18, 2010

Productive day

Yesterday was extremely productive.
I met Kat for lunch at Venues in the Highlands Area. Kat moved to Denver, a week ago, and is living in that area. I had not dined there, yet, and had every intention of checking it out. There is a cute couple that frequent the Bull. Emily's brother is the chef of Venues. I wanted to check it out since they are kind and interesting people.
Kat and I both had the chicken cordon bleu sandwich. It was lovely--fresh bread, chicken and ham. The service was attentive, and overall, the experience was great.
Afterwards, I met the Goddess and we ran to Wash Park. I was dragging, a little, and figure it was because it was my 3rd day of consecutive running. Since the marathon, my runs have not been very consistent. I signed up for 2 1/2 Marathons and so it is time to begin running, again.
I returned home, showered, and checked my e-mail. My CPA had done my taxes and my lawyer contacted me about the Slumlord. He will be served today or tomorrow with his notice of going to court. Finally, there will be redemption for that situation. I am glad that I left. The two girls that lived under my unit are still having severe issues with heat and plumbing. They have decided to move out/break their lease and probably sue the Slumlord as well. 2010 will not be lucrative for him.
I considered going to small claims court or dropping my suit. But really, this man is never going to change his ways unless he is made to pay for his negligence. Thankfully, I know attorneys that are willing to help me out.
I think I got Kat a job at the Saucy Noodle. She wants to work and they need an "adult" server/hostess. I do understand that qualification. Meaning, they want someone that will show up, wants to work and is responsible.
Later, I met Jenny Minard, my friend that I have known since we were 10 years old. She lives in Denver and we try to meet up every 6 months, but for whatever reason, we are only able to meet once a year.
Actually, I saw her in December and we planned on meeting in April at a bar in the Highlands area. Solera was our destination last night and it never disappoints. We sampled their wine tasting and ate the truffle fries and cheese plate. While we were sitting there, in walks one of my friends, Milky. He tells me that my boss will be joining him, shortly. Sure enough, in walks Dave and his friend, Laura. They had attended some glendale city of commerce function and were in the mood for appetizers.
Denver is a small town. I realize that every day.
Yes, I had an extremely productive day. It felt amazing! Today, I am writing cards, watching a movie, drinking wine and making dinner. Productive in a completely different way.


Redhead Running said...

Love productive days! :)

So glad the slumlord is getting his just deserves!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

Good for you on the slumlord! You're right... he will never change unless he's made to. I'm sure you are only one of many that has had such a terrible time living in his property. I'm glad to hear you're going for it!! And YAY for productive days! :)

harmony said...

I think that I am one of many on that front. I just don't understand how people, like him, sleep at night. I mean, if you want crack head tenants, than don't fix anything and watch as your property value rapidly declines. I am thankful that I left when I did. Seriously, the girls that moved in the lower unit have had problem after problem, with no resolution and their lease doesn't end until July.
And yes, I love productive days. It feels fantastic to feel achievement. I procrastinate--sometimes. I need to stay on task, though.