Friday, February 5, 2010


My dessert from Geronimo.
AMAZING....the coconut marshmellow jasmine ice cream bomb.....absolutely amazing.
Initially, I wanted to dine at the Chocolate Maven for dinner. I was lax. Instead of making sure that they were open, every day, for dinner, I relied on the clerk at the hotel. I asked her if they were open and she are the directions to the establishment.
Shari and I drove over to the Chocolate Maven and knew that we would not be able to dine there for dinner. I had made arrangements with Melody to trade out my massage for a meal at Geronimo. I sensed that Melody believed it was casual and her services are stellar, and deserving, of a gourmet meal.
Geronimo never disappoints. I ordered a bottle of red zinfandel and we tried a few different appetizers. The foie gras wonton wraps were nice. I preferred the crab cake and the shrimp purses with lychee. I enjoy saying that word and yes, it was appetizing.
We chose salmon and pork tenderloin as the entrees. I loved the pork tenderloin. It was on top of a bed of risotto. I believed it was inspired.
Afterwards, we shared the coconut bomb and a pecan pie. The pie was lackluster. The jasmine ice cream was all I needed. I could have dined on that alone.
Fortunately, the conversation flowed. I do have wonderful people in my life. It was the second dining experience in a week where I recognized how great it was to have diverse friends.
The day, Tuesday, was liberating. I know that Shari found her breath in Santa Fe.

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