Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreaming of New York

While at Solera the other night, I spoke to Goose, the chef/owner/friend of mine. He is an amazing guy. Each year, in Denver, we have restaurant week at the end of February. Basically, you can dine out, as a couple for $52.80. It is a great way to check out high end restaurants in Denver for most people. I prefer being able to pick out what I am eating, not told, here is the 3 course meal we have prepared for you. Plus, it is overindundated with people. The restaurants are overwhelmed and it feels like amateur night, in my book.
I knew this, but had forgotten the timing, when I approached Goose about doing a live cooking demonstration for a fundraiser that I chaired. Goose agreed. No questions asked.
As the day beckoned, he realized that it was smack dab in restaurant week. Not once, did he consider backing out of his commitment to me. For that, I will always admire and support him. It was a terrible time for him to be doing me a favor; yet, he did it and he was awesome. Of the 4 chefs, he shined the most.
So, we were reminiscing about that night and the other chefs. One is a catering chef/friend of mine in Denver, and the other two, were recruited because Brad Thompson is the brother of one of the board members of the foundation.
Brad and his friend, Mark, flew out to Denver and did a combined demo. I had met Brad in Phoenix, but I believe he is now in L.A. Mark is still hopefully, in New York.
I want to go there.
I know, it's sort of a shocker, as much as I enjoy traveling, I have never been to New York City. It meets all of my qualifications--big city, culture, FOOD--wow, everywhere, theatre, bars, etc.
I looked into flights, today, and there are great deals. I need to pick a time and then I am contacting Mark about a meet in New York. He is quiet and I was scattered that event. I could barely see straight, let alone, think. I would love to thank him in person.
One of my co-workers, dined at his restaurant, 3 years ago, and she and her partner loved it.
I keep visualizing and seeing it becoming a reality. And, I get friendly reminders from Sara of the Fresh Air Organization. They have another 1/2 Marathon coming up, and of course, they are always in need of host families. Check it out-- if you want more information. Remember, 2010 is about Service, for me, and there are ample opportunities for each of us, to give something back. If you want to give to Haitian Relief--do, or think more grass roots, local, or something you identify with. Either way, donation is essential to me, this year.
Yes, I am dreaming of New York. I will go there. I am thinking, April. I want to be able to wear shorts....SHOCKER!

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