Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The end of February.....

It is a perfect day to go running.
Thankfully, the Goddess and I have a running date set up. I want to change up our route. I would like to do a little more urban instead of park friendly. Cheesman Park is super wet--continually--and there are always too many people doing the Wash Park loop. I think I would like to run on the streets and do part of a park. We shall see. There are some nice downhill hills in the metro area, too. It will all be about maneuvering to the down as opposed to the up, today.
Lately, Wednesdays has been the day to meet, b.s., and run. Our Half Marahon is in 7 weeks. I know we can do it! I need to run more frequently, but I know that we can do it. And, Sara Jo, is joining us for the 1/2 in Ft. Collins as well. It's funny. A year ago, I wouldn't have even been contemplating running a 1/2 marathon. It wasn't part of my vocabularly or life. Funny, how time changes everything.
Running outside is preferable, but since I have the pass to Colorado Athletic Club, I have been utilizing the treadmill. It is not my favorite machine to work on, but recently, I have found that I do not hate it. In fact, I am able to run on it if I am in the right frame of mind. I am not going to try to lie to, I am not a fan of the treadmill. But, I am willing to do it, now. In the past, I refused running on it. It seemed mindless, endless, not fun. Now, I tolerate the machine. I figure as long as I have the Black Eyed Peas on my ipod, I can do it!
Tomorrow is the Goddess's birthday. I know she is trying to stay away from sugar, but seriously, it's her birthday. I believe that either cup cakes or carrot cake are being gifted to her. It doesn't seem right to celebrate without sugar.
I am a little mundane this month. I haven't felt like blogging or commenting. It is the end of February which signifies the upcoming anniversary of Brian's death. I never know how this time will affect me. All I know, is that I always know the time of year, without needing the calendar to remind me.
I try to distract myself with travel, or food, or running; but, it doesn't work....I always have reminders of February.
This year, has been different. I am heading to Seattle on Friday to celebrate the anniversary with Shari. First, though, Michaela is driving up from Oregon to stay with me and my college friend, Jean, in Seattle. Two days of debauchery with them, will be followed by a soulful meal with Shari. I haven't decided on the food factor or where we will release ashes. I have been caught up in newness in my life. That, too, is a distraction. Instead of focusing on Seattle, I have been procrastinating the trip. I guess that is my funk, this year, of dealing with the time of year.
The lesson is that I always have to confront my feelings. I am unable to outrun them.
I will run today which continues to be a healthy outlet for me. Tomorrow, I am painting my bedroom. It needs to be done; and, it seems therapeutic. I will be doing something positive in my space. I am trying to occupy myself with positive changes, affirmations, outlets.
I know that eventually, I will feel like writing about it. Until then, enjoy your day!

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