Sunday, February 19, 2012


Laundry is Sunday.  I think this is my preferred day to do it.  However, I don't understand why people wait to do 8+ loads at a time. It sucks carting it into the laundromat, unloading it, assembling machines (hopefully in a row), drying (same wish for similar area), folding, and taking home.  I think these people are nuts.  It annoys me since they monopolize machines, carts and areas. No, I am more of a two, maybe, three load build up.  I despise the laundromat and the least amount of time spent there the better.
Typically, I wait around for the washer to finish and then head to Safeway to stock up on supplies.  Today, the task was wine restock.  Shari is visiting next weekend and I want to be prepared.  More likely, I am embaressed by how few bottles I have in stock.  I have been reading a wine book and am inspired to increase my stock and add variety to my selection.  That is the reason I went wine shopping today.  Plus, Safeway has a 30% off wine sale thru the 29th--I think.  Yes, this motivates me to stock up on wine, too.
Made quick lunch--scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese.  I tried to make it into a burrito (of sorts) but my wheat tortillas are terrible.  They suck.  Noted and will not make that mistake again. 
After lunch, I went for a run and thought about the month and what February represents to me.  Life, love, loss, celebration. I thought of Shari's trip and I am excited for it.  Always, excited to see Shari.  But, the reason for her visit is because Brian died on February 28th and each year, we celebrate his life in a different city.  We honor who he was and how he continues to touch our lives, respectively.  Acknowledging that fact makes me sad.  I remember Shari e-mailing me and saying she is having a hard time focusing right now and I do know why.  It's February and this sucks.  Also, this year, would have marked ten years together for Brian and me. 
Yes, February is difficult in a different way each year.  I think, for me, I find yoga this time of year to help inspire reflection and releasing some of the buildup of feelings.  I don't know. I am just rambling now.  I can acknowledge that the running and yoga have definitely helped me stay centered and not drown in the grief of February.
Plus, I know, that we will have an incredible meal and memory to reflect back on in later years.  And, I know there will be a walkabout where I get us lost and we end up detouring for 8-10 miles.  Always an adventure and I am glad that Shari puts up with me and my lack of direction. 
I am well, just melancholy, i suppose.  Still, enjoy your Sunday, however you choose to spend the rest of it.

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