Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recently in my life

It's been a week since my last posting.  What has kept me from posting?  Work, some yoga, a mini-trip to San Diego. 
Yep, I ventured west to the beautiful city of San Diego.  Glorious!  Last Friday, work concluded early which enabled ample amounts of sleep and an early morning road trip.  I grabbed a coffee, put gas in my car and got on the road. Seemed so natural to just keep going.  I texted my friend that lives out there, hoping, that he would be able to restaurant hop with me. 
I didn't hear anything back from him til 7 pm that night.  Right about the time I went on-line to find how far some of the restaurants that I wanted to check out.  He was sick and had slept about 24 hours.  I was disappointed but determined to check out some of the eateries. 
Prior to texting him, I had lunch at Hash House A Go Go.  Huge amounts of food and delightful cocktails.  I walked up to the establishment fearful that the wait would be long.  I asked the girl if there was available bar dining and she said there was but that they had a list for that, too.  She checked the inside and seated me immediately.  I would love to return to check out some of their other offerings.  I had a three egg omelette with sausage, onion and avocado.  It was gigantic.  I tried to eat as much as I possibly could and drank a few cocktails in the process.  Loved the cocktail offerings, too.
After lunch, I walked to the Ocean Beach pier and took in my surroundings.  Tourists and locals, alike, were enjoying the pier.  I saw a few kids fishing with their fathers/grandfathers and people flying kites.  It was a lovely afternoon.
Walking back I stopped in a wine shop which I found out later was one of the top spots to drink wine.  Somehow, everything always falls into place when I travel.
Anyways, I showered and waited for my friend to respond to one of my texts regarding dinner.  I had researched a few spots that looked interesting--a tapas place, Italian place and a place known for divine California cuisine.  I wanted to check out the spot in La Jolla but the cab ride factored in if I was solo dining.  After hearing from Tommy, I decided to stay in the Beach Cities.  I checked out the tapas place and one of the Italian eateries.  I think I was in the mood for italian after the wine tasting I attended recently.  Still, the place I truly wanted to check out did not offer bar dining.  The prospect of sitting at a table alone was not even remotely appealing.  I checked that place off my list and focused on other available options. 
The tapas place was lively.  Loads of people, great energy and exuded fun.  There was one seat at the bar when I walked in.  The spanish bartender approached me and handed me a menu.  It reminded me of Za Zu in Napa but that place was incredible.  This place was so-so.  I tried octopus and spicy potatoes while drinking a tempranillo that was corked.  When I mentioned it to the bartender, he told me that that was how it was supposed to taste.
That is probably what soured my opinion of the place and meal.  Plus there was a foursome that was loud and overbearing.  I wanted to tell them to shut up.  I restrained myself, though.  Paid the check and headed to a different italian place a block away.  They had bar seating and I was in the mood for another glass of wine and something to eat.  Better vibe and attentive service.  The bartender tasted me on a few wines before I selected a zinfandel.  Beautiful wine.
I tried zucchini with housemade burrata.  They probably could have had more zucchini to complement the massive amount of cheese on the plate.  Not complaining, I did enjoy the burrata.  I followed with a side of bowtie pasta with a bolognese sauce.  It was okay.  The portion was huge for a side.
I paid the check and headed back to my hotel.  Early night to ensure a pleasant morning drive back to Phoenix.  I woke up, early, showered, grabbed a coffee and was on the road by 8.  Skipped the breakfast burrito (foolishly) and headed east.  Crazy foggy weather for about the first hour of the drive.  Eventually, it burned off and I greeted the sun when I crossed the border.
I was preoccupied with the trip, yoga and work.  I am back, now, and inspired to reflect on life and travel.  The best part of my venture to San Diego was realizing that it is an easy drive and that I will be doing it more often.  In fact, in two weeks, I will be returning to celebrate an anniversary.  I always celebrate this date and each year, it's been in a different place. I am excited to see what San Diego and Temecula have to offer.
Tommy offered to drive Shari and me around while we are in town.  Thankfully, that area is settled.  I did enjoy the hired car my last visit.  Think a cab is just as convenient.  I did tell Shari that I had an idea for our typical 8 mile walkabout that we will be doing. 
I still need to arrange some lodging and figure out more restaurants to check out.  I see a fish taco in my future as well as a breakfast burrito while walking along the beach.  I cannot wait!
Til then, I will continue my regimen of yoga, running and focusing on my health.  Life is grand~

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