Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday dinner

Detoxing for a few days.  My liver needs a break.  Well, that sounds more extreme than it really is.  I am taking a few days off for reflection and a true return to yoga.  I purchased a 50 pack and believe that that was my best option instead of signing up for a month to month membership.  I start off with a good intention of going to class 5 times a week.  By the third month, typically, I find a way to decrease the 3-4 times a week (not five, see) to maybe once a week.  That $8 class due to frequenting studio turns into a $40 class.  It always happens this way for me.  I do enjoy yoga but I find myself in a rut when the routine class stays the same.  I feel obligated to go since my unlimited pass is in effect.  Vicious cycle. I think the package will help me get through the ruts and motivate me to go when I want to go instead of feeling like I have to go if that makes sense.
I went to a portfolio tasting on Monday and fell in love with a few of the Barolo's.  Divine.  Afterwards, I arranged to go running with my running partner on Tuesday.  I had a feeling that I would be backing out of the running date and I did.  Only after Jonny texted me to tell me that he was on his way to Phoenix.  I wanted to treat him to dinner, finally, for his birthday.  We have tried to make this happen and somehow it always derails.  I was determined to make it happen.  Plus, I bought new shoes that wreaked havoc on my feet.  I forgot how challenging it can be to break in a new pair of shoes.  Ouch!
Jonny and I walked up to the light rail to head into Phoenix.  Honestly, best way to get around the city.  I love the addition of the light rail.  I wanted a glass of wine before getting on the train.  We walked up to a wine bar and of course, it was closed for a private function.  Denied.  Bummed but I had a back up in place.   There is a lovely mexican restaurant with chambord margaritas.  We had one and then made our way to the train. 
Forty-five minutes later, we reached our destination.  Sat at the outdoor bar and began the foodie venture with parmesean risotto.  Delightful.  With brussel sprouts, cippilino onions, parmesean and pancetta.  I loved it.  Didn't want to share it, honestly.  I knew Jonny wanted a steak and so we followed the risotto with hangar steak and a quinoa romaine salad.  I enjoyed the steak but wanted him to enjoy his birthday dinner.  I devoured the quinoa salad.
We drank wine and chitchatted with the bartender.  Eventually, he mentioned that he had just moved from Denver.  Immensely nostaglic we all talked about the neighborhoods in the city.  I miss walking around the mile high city and stopping into random eateries and finding new neighborhood gems.  A trip to Denver in the spring seems likely.
I am so glad that I chose to check out the restaurant again.  I had went there for lunch and had a lovely meal but this time, I had opportunity to explore more of the menu and truly take in the space.  Loved it.
The only downside was the ride back to Tempe.  Long, monotonous and boring.  Really long.  Still, it is the best way to tour the city.  It gave us lots of time to discuss the meal and try to go to another bar in Phoenix.  Unfortunately, that one closed at ten during the week.  Another time.
I am taking a break from wine.  Increasing the yoga factor and running, too.  Too bad there isn't another yoga class that I can attend before heading into work today.  There is always tomorrow.

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