Saturday, February 18, 2012

late Monday Memory

Three years ago, these lovely ladies from high school met up with me in Phoenix.  I had some wild hair of an idea to have a mini-reunion and they obliged.  I did tell them that Phoenix was too comfortable for me.  I still had friends that lived in the city and that that would be tempting, too.
Still, we spent three days touring the city--botannic gardens, Taliesen West, Piestywa Peak and dining.  I wanted to accomodate all of their needs and some of my own.  The foodie factor was my priority and there was some shopping.  This photo was taken at the outdoor lounge bar at the Phoenician.  I love this bar and it reminds me that I should visit and soon.  Maybe when Shari is here in a few weeks.  It's funny.  I remember someone saying we should try to do it three years from then.  It seems like yesterday when we were posing for this photo. 

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