Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day off

Happy Tuesday!  It's beer week in AZ and lots of activities are happening around the Valley.  Saturday was busy for us and today we are tapping only beers from Arizona on tap.  Should be fun and I am looking forward to it.  I know that I should postpone the mandatory Tuesday wine tasting but am for the challenge of it.  We'll see how it all shakes out.  On Saturday there is a beer and bike activity that I wish I could attend.  However, work precedes fun that morning.  Shari arrives that night.  Must work before she arrives.
In other news....I had the opportunity to either go running or yoga and skipped both activities.  My running partner did not contact me til this morning which made that a moot point and the yoga instructor at the seven o'clock class is the one that I see the most frequently.  I like her but think some of her transitions could be smoother.  Yesterday I completely checked out of the class with ten minutes left.  I looked around and noted that 75% of the class was not following her series of flow.  Instead they were either in child's pose or standing up doing their own thing.  She doesn't always lead the transitions well.  I found that I had lost focus and needed to leave.  I showered and headed out to greet the rest of the day.
I considered meeting Jan for happy hour somewhere.  Had every intention of doing just that but our schedules did not correlate.  I returned home and fell asleep.  Sleeping only four hours the previous night had taken its toll.  Throw in some yoga and it concluded with me waking up to slobber on my pillow.  Nice, right? 
Today, work demands attention.  Maybe a wine tasting or two...undecided.  Either way, this morning is considered a fail since I postponed working out (gladly).  I think Jeff and I will try to meet up later in the week to tackle an a.m. run.  Or, I have found someone to hike Camelback with and I am looking forward to that.  I cannot believe that I have lived in this state, twice, and not once hiked Camelback.  I think I am always put off by the parking situation.  Squaw Peak is more inviting or South Mountain seems to welcome me. 
I am doing it this week--with or without my new hiking/running partner.  Anyways, enjoy today with or without a beverage in hand.  I foresee an AZ beer at the end of my day~

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