Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reflecting on Jean's visit

It's been two weeks since Jean's visit, the mexican adventure and pedicure.  It seems like yesterday, really, that Jean and I were drinking bloody mary's in Rocky Point.  Fun times, indeed. 
I have been preoccupied with work and as a result, neglected blogging.  I realized, this morning, that I made some mention of recounting the mexican adventure in a recent post and then it hang there.  Til now. 
I have driven to Rocky Point, multiple times, in the last year.  Jean had not been there since 2000.  So the drive down was interesting as we encountered smaller and smaller towns along the route.  I stopped at the duty free store before crossing the border.  There was one car in front of us.  I pull up and wait for the questions.  I never know what I am going to be asked.  Questions range from--why are you going to Rocky Point?  Who are you visiting?  Why does your friend own a bar in Mexico?  How long are you staying?
This time, however, the agent bid us adieu and we were on our way.  I drove straight to Jonny's bar.  Sonoita is a small border town an hour from Rocky Point.  There are numerous shops, stands and gas stations as you drive through the town.  I have stopped a few times to check out the souvenir factor and eaten at a taco stand, too.  Yes, I do enjoy fare from stands.
Anyways, we drive to Jon's bar.  Hug, small talk and he ushered us inside so that he could attend to some other work related tasks.  That night we spent the majority of it at Jon's bar.  Shared shrimp caribe and a few other appetizers while hanging out with Jonny.  He is the king of shots.  I never do shots unless I am spending time with him.  I prefer drinking wine or beer.  The shot factor does not accompany wine very well. 
Regardless, we close the bar down, early.  The next morning, we wake up and it is beautiful outside.  Jon lives two blocks from the ocean and the view is stunning.  I envision a walk on the beach. 
I wanted to show Jean more of the town and so we venture out to the Malecon area and check out some of the souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and of course, the beach.  Few tourists were in town and so we had little problem with parking.  The vendors were a bit much, though.  Afterwards, we returned to Jon's house and walked on the beach.  The beach always inspires reflection for me.  I could have spent more time on the beach, but we had arranged to meet up with Jonny, Teddy and Donna--some of Jon's friends.
Jonny drove us to Cholla Bay, Pelican Point and eventually, we had a cocktail at JJ's.  Lazy day spent checking out sights and toasting sunset at Sandy Beach.  Relaxing vacay and fun or so I would like to think.  I miss spending time with Jean.  She is impulsive, spontaneous and friendly.  I swear, she always knows everyone at the bar/restaurant within a half hour. 
Saturday, we woke up, and both craved fish tacos.  Actually, I had my heart set on a burrito from this one stand that I frequent while in Mexico.  Delightful carne asado burrito that had my name on it.  Unfortunately, they were not open on Saturday.  What?
I knew of a place that had fish tacos and it was conveniently located on the way out of town.  We walk in and Jean ordered two fish tacos.  They were breaded and since she has a gluten allergy, we tried to communicate that we wanted two tacos without breading.  They make two more tacos that have breading on it. 
I ate two of the tacos and Jean had a cole slaw taco.  Too funny.  She took lemons and made lemonade of sorts.  I drove us back to Phoenix with one stop in Ajo.  A bloody mary sounded delicious.  A little challenging to find one in the old mining town.  The bowling alley provided a bloody and people watching.   Had we had longer, I think, I would have suggested a quick game of bowling.  Why not?  Could have been an excellent memory.  That and the 70's feel of the place and music from a lounge. 
The last night of Jean's visit was spent in Phoenix.  We dined with Jan and Tom and then retired to Tempe for the evening.  Opened some wine and chilled for the night.  It was fitting.  Tom wanted to do a bonfire but I knew if that happened, I would wake up in the west valley.  Bonfires at their house tend to last hours.  And, I am selfish.  I wanted to hang out with Jean.  I wanted to reminisce on all of our stories without having to explain the significance to others.  What is funny to us isn't necessarily funny to others.
I think this visit was exactly what she needed.  A brief vacation to the beach.  Laughter.  Joy and some shots--darn that Jonny~

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