Friday, February 3, 2012

friday thoughts

Upcoming ventures.  It always goes back to that.  I envisioned a trip to San Diego, tomorrow, told myself it was going to happen and believed it.  Until, I remembered the super bowl is Sunday.  Meaning, I must go into work earlier than anticipated.  I would have to leave San Diego by 8ish to make it happen. 
Not much of a trip and so I am postponing it until next week--I think.  I really want to check out a few eateries and the ocean is always inviting.  I looked at spots in Temecula to stay and know that wherever Shari and I end up, it will be fun filled and an excellent way to celebrate the anniversary this year.  She flies out Saturday and will be here thru Thursday.  I hope to spend three days in California and two in Phoenix.  There might be a brief stopover in Havasu, too, to see the movie guy--aka--RV guy.  I am interested in seeing how he is doing and catching up, too.  Havasu is on the way back, kind of.
There are other trips that i see in my future and know will happen.  I enjoy travel, seeing friends, dining, wine and catching up as noted in this blog.  I love spending time with friends and find myself, this year, in a quandry.  I have some priority travel and that demands my attention and other travel that I would like to pursue.  I remain uncertain as to how much time I can take off is all.  I would love to do more but think I will be limited to a certain degree.  I suppose the solution is that people can visit me.  The summers really aren't that's a dry heat...or so they say.
Really, I recognize I can only make myself happy.  There will always be some level of disappointment of not having enough time to spend with others.  Also, my idea of travel does not always line up with others' idea of vacation.  Sure it would be great to go to Denver in June, but there is a trip to Chicago or a marathon in San Diego that take precedence for me.  It's all about balance. 
I know that it will all work out in the end.  Sure, I miss San Diego tomorrow, but there is always next week.  Enjoy your weekend.  Since I am delaying my trip to Cali, I see a yoga class/hike in my Saturday routine.  I just want to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

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