Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Today

I am thankful for my new lap top.  Not that I started this week, hoping, that I would be purchasing a lap top anytime soon.  I had a perfectly good laptop.  Well, it was missing the z button from a slight club soda explosion while making enchiladas last summer.  That's another story, too.  Still, I was able to type and had full use of the lap top.  In a way, the lap top situation is similar to my affair with ipods.  I have had five of those.  Lost one, broke one, one was stolen (while traveling in Chile), gave one to my sister and currently am using #5.
My first lap top I used for almost, four years.  Lovely lap top for sure.  But, it outlived its ability to function.  Laptop #2 arrived, compliments, of Tom and Shari.  I loved the lap top.  It was faster, efficient and newer.  And with the exception of the z key, looked new.
I woke up Sunday, feeling, a little dehydrated.  I had a full day ahead of me.  Laundry, packing, work and then driving to airport to go to Denver.  I was so excited.  Couldn't wait to board the plane, see my friends and spend three consecutive days in the Mile High City.
Work called and needed me to come in sooner than anticipated.  I knew that I needed to do laundry and so I told them that I would be available after performing that task.  Innocent task and from here my life flipped upside down.  I fainted and came to with a busted lip, bruised cheek/chin.  I went to the Emergency Room and spent the majority of Easter in the E.R.
Thankfully, I am okay and recognize that it could have been much worse.  No broken bones or teeth. It was the most vulnerable I have ever been, I think.  It was scary to not know why or how I was going to get through the day.  Plus, they took a few unnecessary tests that I was unable to stop them from doing.  Pregnancy test, EKG, and then, I said, no, to the CAT scan.  I didn't understand why they would need it and I knew that I didn't need the extra radiation or scan.  I was scared, but, had my wits about me.  I believe it went back to being dehydrated.  I think of how I spent Saturday and how unable I was to ever feel sated with water.  I am completely aware of how often I urinate and what color it is. I know it sounds weird, but I observe that habit.  I had a dehydration scare in 2004, I think, but it was enough to make me note my peeing habits.  Seriously, being dehydrated is scary.
Then, I think of how it is warming up here.  I do drink a ton of water, but, I must be deficient with something.  Maybe iron or potassium?  I don't know.  The e.r. doc left me alone once I said that I wanted to be stitched up and on my way.  Yes.  I have a few stitches on my nose and lip.  I feel fortunate that that was all that was required.
I spent the night in the west valley with my friends, Jan and Tom.  We had easter ham and pineapple before calling it a night.  I think that also soothed my sister's nerves, knowing, that I wouldn't be alone for the night. 
I am a little bruised and sore, but, overall, I am great.  It goes to show that you should drink water and laugh. At one point, on Sunday, I understand what collagen injections could do to lips is all I am saying. 
Every day is a new day.  Be happy, joyful, grateful.  I am all of these things.  And, I am thriving with a new lap top....


Hailey said...

Holy Cow Harm! So happy you are ok! That is so scary....but knowing you have your sense of humor calms me a little. Take care of yourself! Hugs! Love Ya!

harmony said...

Thanks, Hailey. I am trying to take care of myself and humor does help. When I saw you commented, I remembered, you might know of the first time I fainted. 6th grade, Mrs. Schmidt's science class, talking about hemophiliacs. Seems so long ago.
Thanks for stopping by. xoxo