Saturday, April 28, 2012

Early Saturday

Happy Saturday!  I woke up, startled (meaning frantic and confused).  Mostly due to the immense sunshine streaming through my window.  It seemed later than 6:25.  I thought it was ten a.m. and I was seriously having panic attacks at what that would have meant.  See, due to my creating the bar schedule while enjoying a glass of wine, I overlooked that I had not scheduled two bartenders for the morning shift today.  Then, one of the bartenders had a family emergency, yesterday, where there was doubt if he would be able to work today.  I checked the schedule to see who I could call on to assist if necessary.  At that point, I noticed, that there was only one person scheduled for Saturday.  WTH?  How had I overlooked it?  Not to mention the guy that checks it, after me, before I post it?  Plus, it had been posted for over a week.  How had that not been noted yet?
I sort of had a mini-freak out.  I tried not to be too obvious about it.  I was trying to figure out how I would be able to avoid working an open to close double.  I texted the other manager to see if he would be able to help out.  Meanwhile, I checked in with the bartender who had left due to an emergency.  Neither of these guys responded.  Eventually, I was able to persuade one of the newer bartenders to come in and that I would help her set up the outdoor bar.  I noted that there was a great possibility that I would be working inside as I had overlooked the necessary amount of bartenders needed for this given shift.  She seemed enthusiastic to help out.  And, in all honesty, she will do great.  I have faith that she will be a very capable bartender.  I am very grateful to her and that she is willing to help me out. 
So you can see why I woke up, startled, at 6ish thinking it was ten.  Had that been the case, I would have felt like a complete jackass for promising to help her set up and then leave her stranded.  I am the type of person where if I say I am going to do something, I do it.  Come hell or high water or so the saying goes....
Thankfully, the guy will be able to work today.  I am willing to help him out too.  I completely understand needing to work but not being in the right head space to do it.  I believe in being with family and/or friends when there is loss or an emergency.  I am compassionate.  I think of how awesome my old job was when Brian died.  They stepped in and covered my shifts until I was able to return to work.  No questions asked.  I am very thankful for that time to just be where I needed to be.
Anyways, there is a salsa fest in Tempe and I hope to check out with Jan.  Or, go running.  Maybe hit up yoga. I did laundry yesterday so there will be no repeats of fainting spells at the laundromat and trip to Denver is a GO.  Cannot wait to see friends and get a much needed massage at Izba.  Enjoy your Saturday~

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