Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday thoughts

Things aren't always what they seem.
I have been thinking about that since Sunday when I did a face plant.  I walked, away, mostly unscathed.  Meaning, no broken bones or teeth.  I have a few abrasions on my face.  I watch people's reaction to me when I walk into a room now.  Some people mention it, others, just avoid looking at my nose.  My boss, funny guy that he is, told customers that he knocked me around.  Keep in mind, this is after, some guys asked him if we were married.  What?  Why is that?  I couldn't understand why they thought we were together.  He sort of looks like my brother, if I had one.  He's blond, tall and maybe that is the resemblence.  The heighth issue.  Then, I think, why he would say--yes, I knocked her around.  I laughed.  I have that sort of friendship with my boss.  I have known him for years and so we sort of have that cameraderie.  He reminds me of my friend, Jonny.  Similar work ethics, personality and heart.  Yes, he gave me a hard time (and will continue to), but I know that he is genuinely concerned about me, too. 
Later, a few people asked me if I boxed.  They said, you look fit and I saw your nose...thought it was related to boxing, biking or maybe a fall from hiking.
Nope.  None of the above.  It made me consider other people that I run into on a daily basis.  How you never know what really is going on in people's lives unless they tell you.  It seems that we cannot help ourselves from wondering what happened.  We create stories as to why someone is rude, unpleasant, happy, have bruises on face.  I know that I do.  Or, did, until now. 
I know most people assume it is alcohol related.  If only that were the case. Then, I think of the times I have fallen while drinking wine.  I fell off of my porch at a house warming party in 06. Somehow, I was able to sustain that without a concussion or wound on face.  This time was completely sobering and
I have no shame with this either.  It was foolish but I am not covering it up and I will talk about it.  I suppose I could use a better story to sell it.  Maybe I should go with the boxing.  I like how that sounds.
Regardless, I am safe, I can laugh and it is a beautiful day outside.  Time to see the sun~

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