Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Memory

Yesterday, I took a nap and when I woke up, I finally, felt normal.  Able to safely feel like me without any residual affects of my recent fainting episode.  No hydration issues or whatnot.  I felt excellent. 
Finally.  I cannot tell you how relieved I am.  Fear, paranoia, hypochrondria all have vanished (finally).  It's scary when you are uncertain with your health.
Last night, I was reflecting back on my visit to the E.R. to a few customers/friends.  I had forgotten that when I went in for the initial questioning, the medics said--you are a runner, aren't you?  Followed by--do you do meth? 
What?  How would you make that correlation?  From asking me if I am physically fit to if I am a junkie.  Seemed odd at the time and I remember being angry about it.  Now, it's funny.  I suppose with my face with abrasions that could indicate meth use but after looking at my skin, complimenting me on my physique and still asking; well, it just seemed ridiculous.  Not only that, they asked me if I smoke.  I have smoked, maybe, three times in my life.  Once, when I was in 5th grade, my mom let me try one of her cigarettes since I was curious about it.  Curious until I had a coughing spasm and hated it.  My mom did have some good tactics to dissuade me from foolishness.  The smoking one stuck.
Lesson learned.  Well, almost.  I think when I was 21ish, I was living in Tempe, drinking and I opted to smoke a menthol cigarette followed by a clove cigarette.  The next morning I was so hungover that I threw up in people's yards on the way to work.  It was awful and forced me to reconsider ever attempting that habit again. 
I have smoked the occasional cigar.  It's rare and like previously mentioned, I have fear of repeating the hangover experience from my younger days.  I don't look like a smoker and my hair no longer smells from smoke since smoking is banned from restaurants.  Glory be!  I loved that day in Denver.  Smoking never really bothered me while bartending.  All it meant was that I had to clean out ashtrays (constantly) which was a necessary evil.  I didn't begrudge people that smoked and I definitely wasn't hyper about it.  (Live and let be is a motto of mine)  Still, when the banned was enforced, I did recognize how excellent it was to not smell like an ashtray or clean them out either.  Delightful. 
So, no, I am not a smoker.  While talking to the paramedics, I kept thinking my vice is wine.  I do that vice, justice, too.  It is my only true vice however.
I woke up, had coffee, granola, went to the laundromat and ended up in the E.R....not, at all, how I envisioned my day going. 
Tomorrow, I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon and then I believe I will truly return to normalcy.  I feel good and have a run scheduled tonight.  It is time to start moving and committing to training. 
I considered a photo memory but feel the smoking memory will suffice.  Happy Monday!

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