Friday, April 27, 2012

Making time to be grateful

Yoga is essential to my livelihood and peace of mind.  I do miss some of the instructors in Denver.  They were more spiritual and provided the right energy for the reflective mood I was in yesterday.  My current studio in Phoenix is excellent in the physical sense.  I always leave knowing that I worked out.  The spiritual essence of yoga is neglected though.  That is one way, I believe, that practice could improve.  I would feel a little more centered--I think.
I was having a rough morning and craved a recentering.  I had plans with friends and put them on hold til I could go to yoga.  I wanted to reflect on life, have gratitude and be positive.  I was able to meditate before the class and when I left, I felt incredible.  It's sad that I need reminders (sometimes) that I should always fully live each day.  I know this from experience.  Still, I find that I get caught up with stuff that prohibits me from enjoying life. 
Until, I hear news that reminds me to enjoy life.  Tell people I appreciate/love them.  Smiling.  Smelling sunflowers and projecting positivity.  We all have opportunities (daily) to make choices as to how to spend our lives.  Of course, I could make some adjustments and be healthier.  I could make more time to see friends/family.  That is definitely an improvement I should make.  I have a new niece that is adorable and I still have not met.  I should make arrangements to see her and my sister, Jasmin.  My recent fainting spell did make me stop to appreciate my health and how quickly I could recover.  Still, I needed another reminder to stop and enjoy the people in my life.  So, today, I will make an effort to tell people that I appreciate them and I will consider a trip to Kansas to see my sister and her daughter.  Life is short.  Health scares should be taken seriously.  Being grateful for recovery is essential as well as making time to make changes to improve your situation.  Be it, eating more veggies, cutting out soda, sweets, smoking, etc,,,I know this list can go on and on.  Some might tell me to cut red wine out--that will not happen (ever), but I could be told to decrease my intake, I suppose.  Regardless, I am happy today and I am sending positive vibes to Tom.  Sunshine, love and sunflowers, too.  Enjoy your Friday as best as possible.  I am taking my new bike out for a spin, meeting Vegas for coffee and sampling wine prior to work.  Yes, today is going to be great!

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