Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I finally received the bills for my recent visit to the Emergency Room.  The ambulance ride consisting of less than a mile to the nearest hospital cost $908.  Keep in mind, they did not put an i.v. in or anything.  I was on a stretcher and then taken to the emergency room.  They had taken my blood pressure and asked me about my medical history.  That transport ride cost as much as the surgeon and emergency room stay.  How is that possible? 
I returned to yoga yesterday, too.  It had been too long since my last class.  I was tentative as the last time I went to the studio I experienced vertigo and had to leave.  I suppose I was overthinking what my reaction would be.  I went in and the class started off well.  I was enjoying the flow and not too hot.  about midway through the class, I had a headache which is a sign that I am dehydrated.  I tried to breathe through it.  I wanted to finish the class but I didn't want to keel over due to being too hot.  I was over it.
Instead of staying, I showered, left and made a massage appointment.  Lovely.  I found a new therapist and (thankfully) found a good one.  Jessica is going to be my replacement for Brandon. Yea, she is great, but not that good.  Brandon is my first choice and then Jessica.
After massage, I drove home, made dinner and relaxed.  What a great night and way to spend a MOnday.  I do intend to call about the ambulance bill and figure out a way to make it work.  Honestly, there must be a way to pay that bill and not be taken to the cleaner.  I mean, in fact, in the way that I am supposed to be obligated to just pay for a mile ride.  There must be a better way.

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