Sunday, April 15, 2012

Return to running?...

Cooler weather inspires more movie watching, drinking coffee and prolonging the necessary return to running.  Must return to running.  I signed up for the Vegas Full.  Granted, it's in December, but at this rate (no running) my showing will be lackluster.  I signed up for the 3rd marathon to improve my time and truly commit to running.  I couldn't resist a return to this event either in spite of how lousy the course was executed in 2011.  I ran the half with Shari and Jenn O and all of us were unhappy with how it went.  Cold as it was at night, surrounded by walkers/runners/and of course, full marathon runners who were unhappy with being blended with the mass of half marathoner's.  I completely understand their frustration with the event.  There was never a bit of reprieve from the mass of people.  Typically, in an event, it takes about three miles to create space to run.  It's difficult to not want to weave in and out of people to create space.  It feels claustrophobic, almost, and there is always possibility for falling down or into someone that has fallen.  I do not enjoy this part of the race.
So, imagine, their frustration, after running 13 miles to find themselves in another start of the race.  Having to reestablish their space and never truly being able to.  I walked away from the event with a sour taste in my mouth.  I did respond to the organizers of the event that I felt it should be reconsidered and executed in a different fashion.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted about the upcoming race and the possibility of a discount offered for previous participants.  This sparked the idea of a return to the full marathon.  Lingered, considered and finally, I committed to doing it.  Even without being able to train with the Goddess, I chose, to sign up for this event and run it.
One more day of avoiding running and then it's on.  Part of it due to the injury.  I know that I am okay but when I think about it too long, I create issues.  More dehydration, clots, heart problems....I am becoming a hychondriac. It's making me nuts, too.  This is no way to live and ultimately, I do know that I am okay.  I'm healthy and capable.  I must remember that. I am a healthy person and have been fortunate in life.  Few broken bones or run ins with doctors.  Granted, the run-ins have been substansial and made for a good laugh at my expense.  This latest injury, for example, is funny.  It's a lame story and most people assume I was either beat up or that I box or had a cycling injury.  They are too embaressed to ask me about it, however.  I let them keep assuming since it is funny to me. 
Regardless, I am going to return to running tomorrow night.  I texted my current running partner and arranged to meet up tomorrow night.  Great way to begin the week and embark on the running journey. 
Til then, I am watching documentaries, resting and being kind to myself.  I want to buy some sunflowers.  Ultimately, that is my favorite way to be kind to me.  Reminds me of home.  Brian and makes me smile.  I work later and am looking forward to it.  Lazy Sunday.  How are you spending yours?

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