Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Challenges, Thank you's and upcoming events

In a little over a week, I will be in Santa Fe.  Color me ecstatic!  I do so love it there.  Then, when i return, the Goddess and her hubby will be in town.  I wish that I could spend more time with them but recognize that this is a vacation for them to celebrate their relationship.  I cannot monopolize the majority of their time.  I think we will spend time together on Sunday and possibly one other day before they head back to Denver.
The weather has been beautiful.  I am considering turning a fan on to create some circulation.  It sounds crazy to even think about as it is only February.  Parts of the country are inundated with snow and I am crying about needing a fan.  Doesn't seem right.
Today I went to a yoga class and was pleasantly surprised.  Initially when I had committed to going...meaning, I drove to Phoenix, mentally prepared for the Tuesday instructor, only to find that she had asked for a substitute and that the person teaching it was one of my least favorite instructors.  I thought, crap!  This class is going to suck.  I know that those emotions/thoughts were displayed on my face when I heard the news.  I am extremely transparent when it comes to things I don't care for.  It's always been my very obvious tell.  But, to save face, I told the gals that I would give it a shot and see how this person had improved.
The class started and I tried to keep an open mind.  In child's pose, I got a back rub which scored some major points and sort of kept me in the first part of the class. I like a challenging flow and this person is more simple.  I get it. Sometimes it is nice to return to a more basic flow.  I just don't prefer it.  I want to not think while I am doing yoga.
So, the back rub helped and the heat factor created some good detox for me.  At the end of the class, I got some more back adjustments and so I won't walk away when he subs again.  The class is improving.
Afterwards, I stopped into work to do some maintenance and possibly meet with reps.  Tuesday has been my day to wine taste but the last six months I've been absent from the Tuesday tasting schedule.  I went in to be nostalgic.  One of my reps called me at 4 to see if I was in today.  I responded that I was and that I would be available until 5.
This is the one rep that I have yet to meet.  I waited for awhile for the opportunity to meet him.  Then, I remembered how he completely flaked out on another proposed meeting and left.  I didn't want to wait around on my day off for him to no-show again.  And, I wasn't that interested in wine tasting today.  I had committed to taking a day off to rest my liver.  The weekend had been rough. Wine dinner on Saturday night where the wines flowed, followed by fresh squeezed grapefruit juice mimosas on Sunday night and a dinner date with my friend, Kat, on Monday night, motivated me to take a night off.  On Monday, when I got up to go work a brunch shift, I was resentful of not being able to sleep off my lack of rest weekend.  I am better now and prepared to greet the rest of the week.
Wine lunch tomorrow, Thursday, and lots of work Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Before I know it, I will be sipping margaritas in SF and concluding my weekend with drinks with Lindsay and Jon.  Life is grand.
On a side note, I received a sweet thank you note from my retail days. An art inspired card that will be one of the most memorable thank you cards ever received.  Definitely started my week off in the best possible way.
Have a lovely moment for you....

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