Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting the week

Since Thursday, I have wine tasted, collected a paycheck, done yoga (obviously), met a couple of cool chicks that are opening a new wine bar and settled into the fact that I am ready for the new challenge.  Work has been plentiful and positive.  Really positive.  The last few weeks people have been open with me about how I am an asset for my current job. It feels lovely.  It's nice to be wanted.
I saw a winemaker, tonight, that I met recently.  He was back in town visiting.  We met as he was visiting my retail job and doing a bottle signing.  I was thrilled that he was back in town and that I would have the opportunity to chitchat.
The venue was gorgeous.  Ideal for tonight.  Lovely sunset, beautiful moon...I talked to my winemaker friend and it was nice.  He was distracted by all of the other reps, suppliers, buyers. I felt like one of many in this situation.  Although my only interest was to say hello and catch up.  We did manage a few candid conversations about golf, wine, people before I chose to sneak off.  I was dreaming of dinner, a glass of unadulterated wine and blogging.
As such, I made my standard pasta dish--northern Italy at its finest--accompanied by a GSM blend from California.  Tomatoes, olives, garlic, onion, parmesean tossed with penne.  Delicious.
I feel, semi-bad, that I left without saying goodbye.  However, I know he had grand plans and I wanted to take time for me.  I have his relevant information and know that I can contact him when I need to.
Tomorrow, I scheduled a facial, have yoga and then work.  It's exciting to be part of something new and wine oriented. I can tell that my boss is innovative and exciting.  It's kind of a cluster tomorrow.  I can already tell.  We will see the inventory, pricing, learn the computer and talk to customers.  I am stoked that this opportunity fell into my lap.  Serendipity abundance.
Cheers to you, to Monday and to tomorrow!  Thankfully I achieved the necessary tasks related to work today and can thrive in the meantime.  I see a yoga mat in my future followed by a facial.  Life is grand...

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