Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking back

I'm sure that most people have seen the fb movies that have been streaming for the last few days.  Today, I decided to generate mine.  It took all of two seconds and the music was playing.  Showing when I joined fb, early photos that I posted, followed posts and finally photos that I shared.  It was great.  To me, it was.  Covered my love of travel, work friends, family, friends and overlooked the majority of photos with wine in my hand.  Love that small tidbit as most of my photos have me with purple stained teeth or wine insinuating the damage.  Of course there were a few photos that I wish would have been skipped over and a few that I would have liked included.  I wish there had been a photo of me with Brian.
I think that is why I have so many photos, now, of my travel, friends, wine.  When he died, I felt very fortunate to have had so many photos of our life together.  I wanted more though.  I remember the last roll of film that I had developed.  There was one photo of him, a photo of a glass that I broke and the rest are a blur.  The glass stuck out and still does as it was given to me while I was visiting New Orleans with my friend, Sara.  We had went to this great bar on Magazine, the Bulldog, and we were given glasses to commemorate that day.  Safely, I got the glass back to Denver only to have it break in my dishwasher.  Super lame.
At any rate, I greet today with saying yes.  Yes to new opportunity, yoga and drinks with friends.  It is going to be a stellar day.  I am off to a meet and greet with a potential new employer.  Cheers to Thursday!

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