Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prospects of Saturday

Ahh, memories, of times past.  I purchased this bottle of deliciousness in 2007.  I was on a road trip from Denver to Seattle, Portland, Napa, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Santa Fe and back to Denver.  I think it was two weeks, total, and awesome.  I saw friends, my sisters and made new friends.  Yes, it was a lovely adventure.
I cellared this bottle until 2011 when I parted ways with Denver.  I wanted to make a new start and so I packed my volvo with the majority of my belongings and stored the rest (10 boxes, artwork and my dining room table) at my friend's house.  The Goddess was more than happy to let me store my stuff at her home.
I wine tasted in a few spots in Napa and Sonoma.  I wanted to check out chateau st jean since I had met their wine maker at a seminar in 2006.  I rolled up to the winery and tasted through the wines.  I explained that I was industry and interested, specifically, in visiting them as I had met Margo at a function.  I talked of Denver and a few of the people, working, had lived in Denver.  It seemed like serendipity at that point. I loved the wines and chose this bottle to commemorate the road trip.
I think I was traveling around this time of the year.  February is always melancholic for me.  I've come to terms with the fact that I never know exactly what February will bring.  Some years distraction, depression (to a certain degree), a funk.
This year, I feel, more in tune with the transitory state I am currently in.  I feel, oddly, at peace, with February.  I have been talking about Brian more and sharing that part of my story with new friends.  I have no expectation of how they will react.  I just talk and try to avoid the judgment, if any, that is in their eyes after hearing that part of my life.  I cannot express to whomever how Brian was or how he had no regrets in life.  He truly lived life fully.
This year marks the 8th year since he passed away. I will be celebrating his life in Santa Fe.  I am excited to enjoy the food factor, beauty of Santa Fe and friends.  Shari and I originally had thought we would be in Las Vegas for the occasion.  I enjoy Vegas, I do.  Santa Fe feels more enticing.
I must get up and greet the day.  I have a full day of wine talk and then a dinner with friends.  I am looking forward to this evening very much.  I know that it will be full of yummy wine.
Happy Saturday!!!

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