Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday thoughts

Beautiful day for yoga.  I had every intention of attending an outdoor class with my friend, Christina, today.  That is, until I woke up and it was overcast, peaceful and all too hard to get out of bed.  I choose the heated studio class where I know I can sweat, detox, and sleep in until noon.
Not exactly sleep in but lounge.  The decision to return to industry work has created some stress in my sleep balance.  The last few Fridays, I have closed the bar.  Meaning, I get home after 2 and in bed by 3:30.  I am used to waking up, early, and that has not changed.  I still wake up by 8 or 8:30 which does not allow enough sleep to recover from the physicality of the bar job.  I know I will eventually adjust to the schedule and thrive as I am used to this life.  It's just a transition to the schedule that is challenging.
I close tonight, open tomorrow and work Tuesday evening.  From that point, I am on vacation and very excited about it.  February is always challenging for me. I never quite know how I feel until I am midway through it.  This year, I felt stagnant.  In years past, I have been depressed, anxious, melancholy.  It's never a happy time as I remember what it represents to me--losing someone that meant the world to me.  That hasn't gone away.  It's just not as intense as it once was.
I will meet Shari in Santa Fe and we will celebrate Brian's life.  We will toast his infectious smile with bubbly, great food and conversation.  Of course, there is a bit of spirituality involved, too.  This year, we will head to Ojo Caliente to soak and reflect on life.  Followed by drinks at a lovely spot on Canyon Road and dinner at a French eatery that I have not yet been to.  Some friends will be joining us and I know it will be a wonderful weekend full of memories.  I am thankful that Shari meets me, annually, in a new spot to celebrate Brian's life.  I am so fortunate to have a relationship with her to remember Brian and keep that honest and true.
Work is plentiful, abundant and keeping me focused on upcoming travel.  I hope to do a harvest this year and think I can make it happen.  I just need to put it out there and make it happen. I have made some contacts in the past few years.  I have the ability to reach out and ask to do it.
A friend of mine from Denver ran a half marathon with her sister today.  They had photos posted on fb and all I could think was, I wish one of my sisters and I could do this.  It would be a wonderful way to spend a weekend.  Maybe I could convince them to run a half for my next milestone birthday instead of considering a surprise party for me.  That would be wasted effort on me.  I prefer travel/incredible meal to a surprise party.  Plus, it would be challenging to corral my friends into one place unless I was living in Denver again where it would be considerably easier.  However, my sisters would still have to travel to make it happen.  That could be challenging.
I digress.  Today is a lovely day and I know that Friday will be beautiful too.  It's nice to reflect on where I was, where I've been and where I am.  Never alone and always with an opportunity to flourish.  Cheers!

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