Friday, February 14, 2014


My massage last night was okay.  I remember thinking that I should wait til one of the therapists that I enjoy was working.  Stubbornly, I check out a new therapist.
According to the receptionist, the guy was a three like the male therapist that I normally receive treatment from.  I went in with a hope that I would receive a relaxing massage.
The guy is kind, gracious and built like a marine.  I wanted to ask him if he had been in the service but felt it would be inappropriate.  I noticed that he wouldn't look me in the eye and thought that was strange.  At any rate, he asked me what I was looking for in a massage and I told him that I would want to relax, that my day had been full of hiking and yoga and that I wasn't a fan of trigger release therapy.  His response, so you want long broad strokes.  Yes, in fact, I did.
The massage started out okay.  He did do long broad strokes but I could tell it was forced.  He couldn't help but work in some trigger release therapy that by the time I flipped over I was bored and regretting that I didn't wait til the following week to receive treatment.  He worked on my neck, my arms and legs and then mentioned that we were at the end of the session.  He could finish on my feet or was there an area that I wanted revisited.
I chose my feet and that saved the massage.  It was a gift as he seemed well versed in reflexology.  I dressed and he greeted me at the door to reception.  I asked him about his specialty massage and he said--trigger release.
I suppose I should have asked that question when I set the massage up.  All I heard was he is a three and so I thought he would be skilled at massage.  He wasn't terrible.  It just wasn't what I was looking for.  I know there are benefits to trigger release.  I don't like laying through that type of massage.  It just feels like being poked for three minutes at a time for an hour.
I finished my day with a leisurely meal.  In bed by eleven.  It felt great to relax and have no where that I needed to be early.
Happy Friday!  I choose to celebrate the start of this day with yoga.  Happy day to me....

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