Friday, February 21, 2014

New shoes

I have sandals, boots and kicks.  Mostly kicks.  Limited, yes.  So, when I dine out I have three options--sneakers, sandals, boots.
I had a day off today and so I thought I could go shoe shopping.  But, where to go?  I hiked Camelback, went to yoga, wine tasted and then shopped for shoes.
I found a few pairs at a thrift shop that I frequent.  Sandals, pumps and wedges.  Super cute.  No boots, though.  I ended up buying three pairs of shoes and walking out in one of them.  About an hour later, my feet hurt and I had a blister on my toe.  I kept walking in the shoes and eventually realized the shoes were broke.  The sole of the shoe is shot. My bad. I think, I should have flipped the shoes over before purchasing them.  I think they can make it to Santa Fe before being dropped off.  I did not find boots.  I check out Macy's, Nordstrom's and My Sister's Closet.  They had boots but not what I was looking for. Plus, by the end of it, I was so over shopping that I couldn't take much more.  I returned home and took a mini nap.  Excellent! Oh, and I dropped off a pair of jeans to be altered too.  Sure, I could have altered them myself but I feared how awful that would have turned out.  And I like these jeans.  My favorite pair which I have not worn in about six months due to the split in the back.
Fabulous day for sure.  Outside of having to buy a $42 sports bar since  I forgot an adequate bra for my yoga class.  I arrived at the studio with the sense that I had forgotten something.  I went in to change and noticed, right away, that i needed a sports bra.  I considered leaving the class but knew the lack of bra was lame.  They had bras for sale.  I wanted to go to the class and could not not buy a bra to fix my problem.
The class kicked my ass.  It was challenging, hot and fun.  I finished and then wine tasted.  I went shopping and had no success.
I am not a fan of shopping.  I get bored, frustrated and give up.  Sure, I could use a new pair of boots.  I should make it a priority to buy some.  I do need a new pair of boots.  I want a new pair of boots.  Perhaps I will make some time to buy a pair in Santa Fe if I am unable to find some here.
Sandals will have to wait.  The nearest location for those are in the southeast Valley and I rarely head that direction.  I sort of have to plan my day to get to that direction.
Today brings more yoga, work and opportunity to enjoy the immense sunshine.  I am stoked.  And, I can sport my new shoes and see how they feel.  I am anti-blister as much as possible.  I must make it work.

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