Saturday, March 29, 2014

The last few days

Santa Fe was delightful.  I chose to drive up and spend a few days since I could. Being too available is not really working for me.  I limited my availability and it helped me feel liberated and free.  And a trip to Santa Fe is always welcoming.  I spent a few days reflecting on life and checking out the town.  I visit frequently and have dined at many of the restaurants.  I do the tourist thing, embrace the mystical vibe and leave wanting more.
This time, I went to a yoga class hoping that it would be excellent.  I am spoiled in Phoenix by the yoga community.  I attend two studios regularly and enjoy them, immensely.  One is more welcoming in the vibe of the studio.  The other one lacks in that part but offers more classes that I prefer.  I like a heated vinyasa flow with music.  The class in Santa Fe was mediocre.  I had a difficult time finishing the class due to the music selection and flow.  I was bored and then I get annoyed, angry, etc...very counterproductive to the practice of yoga.  I know.  It's just how I react.  I go for the physical practice and enjoy the spirituality, too, of course.  I like a challenging class is all I am saying.
I met my friend, Melody, for dinner at a new local spot.  She had suggested a few spots on her side of town and I wanted to accommodate her.  In the past, she has met me numerous times downtown.  And, I was interested in something new.  My only request was that a tv would be available.  I wanted to catch some of the basketball games.  Thankfully, the spot she chose had tv's and great food.  Nice selection of beers, wine and was lively.  The only negative was that it was too bright.  They should dim the lights and make it more inviting.
Prior to meeting up with Melody, I sat in the lounge and watched basketball.  I spoke to the bartender about her thoughts on yoga in Santa Fe.  I knew, from a previous visit, that she was an instructor.  I wanted to get her honest take on where she would practice yoga.  She told me that I should check out this gospel class next time I am in town.  Next weekend, I will try to attend the class.  This woman next to me was looking at her laptop, scoping out Sedona.  Eventually we started talking about travel, Santa Fe, yoga, mental illness. She was attending a conference about mental health in this country.  It was an interesting conversation and I enjoyed it.  I wish I had been able to talk more with this lady.   She had had an intriguing life.  I had plans, though, and rushed to meet up with Melody.
I returned to the hotel and slept.  The previous night had been fitful.  I couldn't sleep.  My mind raced and I knew that I would be getting up, early, to drive to Santa Fe.  Let's just say that it was a challenging drive.  When I arrived, all I wanted to do was take out my contacts and sleep.  My friend, Lisa, was in town working the market and I had made plans to meet up with her.  Sleep would have to wait.
We went to a few spots and had dinner at a popular tapas restaurant.  My first time to sample food there.  It was good and fun. Again, I was exhausted and so our night was cut short.  I returned to my hotel and crashed out.  As noted, I attended a yoga class to detox, reset, reflect.  Although I didn't exactly love the class, it did help me be grateful for my community in Phoenix.
All, in all, it was precisely what I needed to reset.  I am ready to have a great day of work, wine and basketball.  Life is grand.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of it by traveling to other spots.

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