Friday, May 2, 2014

Creating a niche

Two days off...I am stoked!  I mean, I packed up Friday, moved Saturday, and began work on Monday.  I thought--why not?  Hit the ground running...sounded like a legit plan until I was experiencing it.
My move to Santa Fe was a whirlwind.  From start to finish.  It was go, go, go and then keep going.  Tonight, I can decompress and enjoy.  I do not work until Sunday and I am thankful for the much needed break.  I scheduled a massage to work on my hamstrings after my morning yoga session.  Afterwards, I have a few options.  I could head south to ABQ to see Jenn and Travis, shop for a french blue shirt and spend time there.  Or, go northwest to Abiquiqu, Ojo Caliente and spend time in Santa Fe. I sorta kinda choose that adventure as I need to find my niche here.  I am super thankful for the next few nights off. I need it!
My day shift was an improvement to the previous night.  This restaurant reminds me so much of Fifi's.  Lovely wine list, established clientele of professionals, and the food that is consistently amazing.  The passion is illustrated in the care that is taken to create the dishes.  The uniform, although not black slacks and white blouse, has that similar need associated with it.  The need to be pressed/cleaned on a daily basis with black shoes and socks.  Yes, I feel that I have been transported back to the late 90's for sure.
I worked with a few people that I had met over the last few days.  I arrived at 10:30, thinking, we opened at 11.  Instead it opens at noon.  During the lunch shift, there is not a bartender (another reminder of my time at Fifi's.  This is where I learned how to make a manhattan, martini, old fashioned.  Basically, where I honed some skills to bartend).  My trainer let me take a few tables and I had mentioned to the day manager that I wanted to work more on the computer.  That that was where I would have difficulty moving forward.  She told the guy to let me ring everything in.  So, the tables that I started, I rang in.  The tables that he chose to take, he would ring in and say--here is how you ring this is.  This in an ineffective way to help someone develop computer skills.  I can watch all day but until I do it, I'm not really going to remember how to do it.
Still, he was nice and helpful.  He didn't treat me like I was an idiot.  Progress, I suppose.
And, my bow tying skills are improving.  I will soon be a master of that skill, too.  Well, I am off to check out some yoga and begin my day.  I made dinner last night instead of meeting up with a friend.  I had a headache and didn't feel like being social.  Sure, I want to celebrate my start to Santa Fe, but it doesn't have to happen this minute.  There will be more time to celebrate, discover and explore of this city.

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