Thursday, February 22, 2018

cold days and upcoming plans

I think it is 9 degrees again.  9 degrees.  So cold.
I walked to work since I am stubborn and I do enjoy the forty minutes of freedom.  I can listen to music, call friends, listen to podcasts.  It is me time while maneuvering traffic and trying to not be hit.  Yesterday, thankfully, the roads were not overwhelmed with people in a hurry.  Instead, they were cautious and kind, almost.  I made it to work and had little feeling in my fingers and toes.  During my lunch break, the sun was shining and it didn't seem as bad.  I had pho for lunch which was an excellent choice.  Brothy, hearty and delicious.  On my return to work, I experienced the cold again.  Yuck!  No sun and the wind and cold was fierce. Today, I am on the fence with whether I want to walk to work.  I could definitely stay warm inside a car, lol.
Life is grand.  I have been making more plans on Nashville and Puerto Rico.  And then there will be D.C. mid June.  I met a bartender from the Hill who may relocate to Denver by June.  However, she had some great suggestions on places to check out while in the city.  It is on my trip radar and I will make it happen.  Mostly to be supportive of Jennifer and see friends from high school.  It is interesting to see how and where everyone has ended up.  One of the guys was a single dad for fourteen years and then met a lady and now has two small daughters in addition to his son that is graduating from high school this year.  Very interesting and different path than the one I chose.  Or Jennifer.  She is uprooting her life and hiking the AT beginning in March.  It is something that she decided to do and is doing it.  I love her tenacity and fierceness in choosing an unconventional path.
I believe a trip to Phoenix is in order this year as well.  I miss the yoga factor.  Desperately.  I am curious as to what they are currently doing and want to experience it.  There are new restaurants that Jan swears are incredible and of course, I love the consignment shopping.  I could definitely enjoy shopping while in the city.  See Cody, hike Echo and do yoga.  Sounds fantastic.
In other news, I wish I had coffee creamer.  I wish it would magically appear in my refrigerator.  I'm too lazy to actually scrape my car off and drive six blocks to Sprouts.  Better yet, I could walk two or three blocks to the convenience store.  I am uninspired.  I probably should have dealt with this the other day when I was out and about instead of avoiding the responsibility.  No one is delivering me coffee creamer unless I pay them.
I have the next few days off.  I will be running errands, doing laundry, seeing my trainer and teaching yoga.  I am excited to read a book perhaps or do something with meaning.  Utilize my days off and prepare for my next venture.

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