Sunday, February 18, 2018

Resolutions--are you holding true to them?

Mid February...are you still committed to your resolutions?
This is a question that I decided to consider as it is almost March.  Am I still trying to be kind?  Compassionate?  And spreading joy as opposed to buying into fear?  It is difficult as I am reminded, daily, of all of the inequalities in our world.  Or the latest shooting that has occurred.  Initially, I did not hear about it.  I try to avoid listening to the news and so I was unaware of the horrors of the Florida shooting until I went to the athletic club to utilize their amenities.  Then, I watched a recap of it and was horrified just listening to what happened.  Just hearing the succession of shots.
I don't know what the answer is to stopping this and am not here to give my two cents.  It is and continues to be tragic and heart breaking.  I remember being in school when they were considering metal detectors and implications of what that would create.  Would it be a safer environment or were we transcending into a city type of school?  That was always a fear in our town which seems ridiculous now and should have then.  I prefer living in cities.
Regardless, I am determined to be kind and remind my sister how important education is.  I have a niece who is in kindergarten.  She is starting out in the system and I want her to be safe and aware.  I want her to learn multiple languages, go dancing, want to travel, explore the world and anything that she is interested in.  I want her to find her calling and enjoy school.  I want her to remain innocent for as long as she can.  Enjoy childhood.  Why be in a rush to be responsible?  I thought I wanted to be an adult.  And, now, I enjoy days of no responsibility or thinking about what I should be doing.  How I can hustle more to maximize my profit.  I have been taking more days off since I feel like I should.  It is more of taking care of me and my well being if that makes sense.  And it full circle returns to kindness, being kind, spreading joy.
I have more opportunities to teach and I love it.  I believe I want more of that in my life.  I know that I do.  It is fulfilling and creative.  I went to a class the other day and truly enjoyed the ending sequence.  I liked how the teacher combined bridge, boat and vinyasa to create a heart pumping sequence.  Sort of  like an altered burpee with the desired effects.  I could have done more of those; although, I was in the minority.  I looked around the class and the majority of the people were finding child's pose instead of finishing the proposed sequence.  I loved it!
I think I will check out a class this morning.  There was an opportunity to attend a donation based series of classes today at my gym.  An instructor's child has a rare form of brain cancer and the community is hoping to help one of their own. I think it is admirable of them and hope it is successful.  A great way to be kind, supportive and a family.
I made some reservations in Nashville for dinner.  I have left Thursday open to explore the local food scene--food trucks, bbq, fried chicken.  And finally think I found reflexology in a studio as opposed to a spa environment.  It seems like the spa environment is more about the ambiance and less about the services provided.  We shall see.
I will say this about being involved and how to make changes.  Get involved.  Be kind and be part of the solution as opposed to the problem.  And education is always essential.  Educate yourself!

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