Tuesday, February 20, 2018

how the weather alters plans

Get outside....the sun is shining.  Beautiful day today.  Yesterday, I thought about driving downtown and parking as it is free to park on holidays.  I confirmed that it was, in fact, considered a holiday and intended to go to yoga and drive to work.  I woke up and it was snowing which altered my plans.  I had no interest in driving and believed that I would be able to walk home.  All of my plans were changed due to the weather.  It was too cold to walk home and the snow deterred my desire to park downtown.
My uber ride both ways was interesting.  The first driver picked me and headed downtown.  She was following her gps and some of the decisions I did not agree with.  I tend to avoid crossing Colfax/14th/17th Sts. if there is not a stoplight.  Especially when you factor in snow.  However, she felt confident to follow the prescribed directions and was about to cross 17th when a car came at us.  In an attempt to not hit the car she short stopped and almost slid into a parked car.  A little challenging and scary.  She managed to avoid the crash and deliver us downtown.  I opted to get out a few blocks early instead of forcing her to criss cross downtown making stops.
My ride out of downtown was interesting, too.  It took a minute to pick up our other rider and when we did he was unable to pinpoint where he was.  He kept repeating the intersection.  The driver asked if he was on the right or left side of the street.  Seems easy to figure out but this guy was unable.  I was getting irritated as I was ready to be home and out of the cold/snow.  I interjected and asked if he was in front of the light rail stop, starbuck's or the jamba juice.  Finally, that clicked and we coaxed him to the car.  He jumps in and it's clear he has had a few adult beverages. He talked, nonstop, with a ton of obscenities.  The driver encouraged this by asking more and more questions of his traveling to Europe.  I get that and then was annoyed with the language.  And, no, I am not a prude and I am around colorful language frequently.  It just went on too long and I was ready to be alone.
My plan was to teach a new student but got postponed due to when I arrived home.  I think it was smarter.  Instead, I practiced the beginning of the ashtanga primary series on my own.  As much as I want to expand my teaching, sometimes, it is in my best interest to focus on my own practice.  Mostly, the weather and vibe of last night discouraged me from wanting people over in my space.  Then, I watched a colossal smack down in basketball.  My team looks dominant and ready.  Out of nowhere there is a glimmer of hope and gelling of the team.  I hope they are able to go far in the tournament.  I heard a commentator compare them to the braves last night and I had to chuckle.  Always winning their conference and then falling in the playoffs.
I might walk to work today.  I am still on the fence.  It looks frigid outside although the sun is shining.  I have rearranged some teaching this week and will make it happen.  I am sure I will walk today.  As noted in the beginning of the post, I should get outside.  It's gorgeous!
Next week, Nashville.  It seems that I was just putting the idea together and hoping to sell it.  Originally, we thought we would head to Charleston.  I know it is a foodie driven southern city.  Perhaps another time to check it out.  The appeal of music and food drew my attention to Nashville.  Plus, more and more people kept talking about it and how fantastic of a city it is.  I will find out next week.
Go outside.  Do something different.  Be present now!

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