Thursday, February 22, 2018

days off, DIY and upcoming plans

Solitude is sometimes how I choose to spend my days off.  I originally had a lunch scheduled with a good friend of mine.  Our plan was to check out a new spot in Denver that I have heard mixed reviews of. I was determined to experience it for myself.  I woke up and had a touch of a tickle at the back of my throat.  I thought I could slam some apple cider vinegar to power through it or hydrate on water.  I did consider postponing the lunch, too.
While planning out my morning, I looked up how to deal with a slow drain in the shower.  I have been trying to pour toxic chemicals down it which does help and hinder the entire process.  Releases toxins that I do not need to be exposed to and can harm the pipes I know.  I looked up natural ways to tackle this issue and found some interesting suggestions.  Using a wire hanger.  Mixing baking soda and vinegar which one website proposed and another said absolutely not.  I saw hot water suggestions, salt and was about to embark on one of the methods when I remembered that I had poured something in it last night.  I went to flush the liquids out and saw that the drain was no longer a moat.  Seriously.  In the last month, I have been bathing in my shower and waiting for the water to minimize.  It's been annoying!  And I think about how much soap and hair have been blocking the drain.
After figuring out the shower, I did a quick maintenance of the bathroom and kitchen sink.  I really have no interest in calling a plumber or wading through water to conclude my shower.  Around this time, I received a text from my lunch date asking to postpone our lunch. Work needed her attention and I was more than happy to oblige.  I could agree to postponing without actually admitting I, too, wanted a rain check.
I broke my belt buckle yesterday.  And, this is no ordinary belt.  I have had it for twelve years and hope to get it repaired.  It is now a matter of where to take it.  A co-worker suggested a cobbler.  I tried to arrange an appointment but the cobbler I called said if it was the buckle they would not be able to help me.  If I had a problem with the leather, yes, they could do something.  I thought about walking to cherry creek to see a shoe and tailor as well as check out a few consignment shops.  I do need a belt for work.  I rigged a mock belt last night but it was not that fashionable or practical.  It was pretty awful and lame!
Originally, downtown seemed like a viable option--lunch date, available cobblers, I could pick up some money from work and do a later yoga class.  When lunch was no longer an option, I reconsidered my location options.  I would prefer to go to cherry creek and consignment shop, see a tailor and maybe push my yoga class til 5.  I kept going back and forth with how to utilize my time.  In the end, I chose to go to a noon yoga class and head to cherry creek afterwards.  I could do another load of laundry, too.  Around 2 p.m. the weather changed.  Cooler, a little windy and no more sun.  I knew I had made the right decision to wait to go anywhere.  I remained indoors and have been binge watching shows in the background while making plans.  I made dinner and will go to bed early.  I believe it is in my best interest.  I can shake the tickle at the back of my throat and get a good night of sleep.  My laundry is done for the week and tomorrow, I will teach a new student.  I think Alexis is more of a barterer.  I see a bottle of wine in my future.  And unless it snows overnight and into tomorrow, I arranged a body scrub/massage session at the Korean spa in southeast Denver. I am excited to detox in the saunas and relax.  Body maintenance is essential and I intend to check out this day spa monthly.
I do have plans for tomorrow and the upcoming week.  Soon, I will be flying out to Nashville and hopefully reconnecting with friends from Denver and Santa Fe.  Music, alone, will entice me and don't get me started on the food factor.  I am super excited for this adventure!

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